Company Message

Toyota Strives to be the leader in the fusion of the environment and industrial world

Our Role in Toyota Worldwide

Toyota Motor (Thailand) would like to thank all our customers and supporters who have played such an important role in the success of Toyota in Thailand and many other countries. We hope we are able to maintain our excellent relationship with our customers as we have for the last 50 years, well into the future.

Toyota Motor (Thailand) has exceeded all of our goals in becoming one of the key contributors to Toyota worldwide, and Thailand's number one automobile manufacturer, however we remain as committed as ever to continue growing well into the future on the successes of our world class products and services. With a production capacity of 550,000 vehicles per year, Toyota Motor (Thailand) is proud to offer quality Toyota products to domestic and international customers, and has become the largest automobile manufacturer in Thailand and one of the world leader.

Toyota Motor (Thailand) is proud to be part of the Toyota worldwide family and one of the Toyota's most important manufacturers, supplying vehicles to the domestic market in Thailand and exporting to countries worldwide.

Good Governance

At Toyota, we promise to continue to grow and strengthen our company's foundation, so that we can continue to make a positive contribution to communities nationwide. Our promise includes our committment to environmentally friendly activities, and the development of safer products for our customers. In addition, Toyota is also dedicated to improving the quality of our employees, and contributing to a better tomorrow for Thai society as a whole.

Funding for Production Research and Development in the Region

Toyota Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a center for production research and development in the Asia Pacific region. Working with the cooperation of Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TDEM) we seek to create the best possible products and services for our customers throughout the region.

Toyota is committed to creating safe and environmentally friendly products. Each Toyota vehicle must pass the European standard for safety and emissions (Euro III). In addition, we are also continually researching and developing new sources of alternative energy to be used to power vehicles, such as Ethanol, CNG, Biodiesel, and Hybrid technology.

Toyota Motor (Thailand) would like to thank all of our customers who have supported us, and promises to continue to come up with better ways to serve you in the future.

Finally, the company will concentrate its efforts on developing new and innovative products, and will continually look forward to create opportunities to reward our valued customers, who have made us the success we are today.