New fortuner

New LED Headlamps Design

With Bi-beam LED and
Daytime Running Lights.

New LED Tail Lamps Design

LED Light Guiding tail lamps.

New 18” Alloy Wheels

Coming in a new striking design.

New Front Design

With elegant redesigned grille and bumper.


New Optitron Meter

High visibility optitron gauges
with 4.2” multi-information display.

8” Touchscreen Support
Apple CarPlay

Connecting effortlessly with smart entertainment and information.

Auto Air Conditioning System

Designed for cool & comfort throughout
the cabin.

Cruise Control

Maintaining the car speed for the highest comfort during a long journey.

Paddle Shift

For your seamless driving experience.

EC Mirror

Providing greater visibility at night.

8-Way Power Seats

Adjustable to suit your supreme comfort.

One Touch Folding Seats

Second row seats ready to fold simply in
one touch.


2.4 GD Engine

An immense power of the new engine provides a wide flat torque curve that maximizes power efficiency and fuel economy.

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VN Turbo

The new Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT) has a smaller design yet full efficiency, together with air pressure adjusting system controlled by an electric motor with high precision, Delivering best output from the start till the top.


Experience the new driving system with cutting-edge technology. Select your own driving mode with H2, H4 and L4 Operate with DAC and A-TRC to conquer all challenges and obstacles of the journeys.

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Front Suspension

Independent front suspension with double wishbones, front coil spring and stabilizer bar for shock absorption.

Rear Suspension

4-Link rear suspension with coil spring and stabilizer bar for a smooth ride and better handling.

Variable Flow Control

Controlling the steering wheel according to the driving speed for a better vehicle control.

t-connect by toyota

Always Located & Protect

Enjoying peace of mind under any circumstances.

Find My Car

Detecting the car’s location in


Tracking the exact location of the car, once stolen, with provided 24/7 assistance.


Notifying when the car leaves your predefined set of area.


Connecting with 24/7 response center.
*Additional cost may be included.

Telematics CARE

Putting car maintenance matter at ease with notification services.

Maintenance Reminder

Notifying the next appointment for your car to be serviced.

Vehicle Information

Offering information regarding the car status and driving history as well as allowing you to share the information on your social media.

Also, notifying an annual registration renewal before time.

Insurance (PHYD)

Insurance premiums are calculated based on individual’s driving behaviors with reminder in the time of renewal.

*Only with the designed insurance company.

Happiness Mobility

Connecting with happiness always.

Concierge Services

Offering a personal assistance service on your journey.



2WD / AT

Price 1,349,000 Baht

(Inclusive of exclusive color value 12,000 Baht)


2WD / AT

Price 1,454,000 Baht

(Inclusive of exclusive color value 12,000 Baht)

2.4V 4WD

4WD / AT

Price 1,524,000 Baht

(Inclusive of exclusive color value 12,000 Baht)