The Toyota Way

The Toyota Way 2001

is an ideal, a standard and guiding beacon for the people of the global Toyota organization. It expresses the beliefs and values shares by all of us.

The Toyota Way 2001 is based on the Guiding Principles at Toyota, which define the mission of Toyota as a corporation and the values the company delivers to customers, shareholders, associates, business partners and the global community. The Toyota Way 2001 defines how the people of Toyota perform and behave in order to deliver these values. It functions as the autonomic nervous system for Toyota organizations.
The concepts that make up The Toyota Way 2001 transcend language and nationality, finding application in every land and society.

The Toyota Way 2001 is supported by two main pillars. They are "Continuous Improvement" and "Respect for People". We are never satisfied with where we are and always improve our business by putting forth our best ideas and efforts. We respect people, and believe the success of our business is created by individual efforts and good teamwork.

All Toyota team members, at every level, are expected to use these two values in their daily work and interactions.