Toyota Ethics

This code of business ethics
has been passed down from generation to generation

of Toyota workers, and stresses the importance of being a responsible citizen and stakeholder in the company.

Toyota Ethics
  1. Abiding by all laws, regulations, and standards.
  2. Respect and protect human rights.
  3. Emphasize safety and good health in the workplace to reduce accidents and protect the environment.
  4. Never accept or offer favors in hopes of receiving an unethical reward.
  5. Never create a conflict of interests between the company and your personal interests.
  6. Practice fair purchasing and employment practices with transparent competition for positions.
  7. Take good care of company property, in the best interests of the company's business.
  8. Keep an open line of communication with society, providing truthful honest information, and listen to the ideas and opinions of stakeholders.
  9. Reinforce the company's positive relations with the public sector in a suitable, transparent, and non-corrupt manner.
  10. Contribute to communities and other public organizations for the development of beneficial public environmental and safety activities.
  11. Conduct international business with respect for laws, culture and rules of the partner country.
The Toyota Employee Oath

I agree to uphold
the values of Toyota
and will not act in violation
of these values.

I agree to be vigilant in protecting
the interests of the company and will report
any violations of the Toyota Code of Conduct that I encounter.