Group Selection 

  • The Toyota Plant Visit Program only accepts applications via the website.
  • The reservation date is available starting the first working day of the second month from today.
  • The selected group will be announced on the last week of each month, based on the following criteria;
  • The application details must be true and correct.
  • The application details match with the letter of visiting request.
  • Toyota reserves the rights to allow only the non-profit purpose visitors.
  • The selections are made on a first come, first serve basis.

Remark: Toyota Motor Thailand Co.,Ltd. reserves all rights to change any details of the plant visit program without prior notice.

Visiting Guidelines

  • Visitors should be on time according to the schedule of the program selected. 
  • Visitors should wear proper attire (sandals and slippers are prohibited).
  • Visitors must always stay in the guided tour route while visiting the plant.
  • Photography is prohibited in all area of the plant.
  • Smoking is permitted only at the provided smoking area.
  • Touching any of tools or any part of the machines in the plant is not permitted.
  • Children under 12 years old visiting the plant must be under the parent guidance at all time during the tour.

Remark: Toyota Motor Thailand Co.,Ltd. reserves all rights to not allow individuals who can not follow the above visiting guidelines to join the program.

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