• 4x4 2.8 Entry

    Standard Price 704,000 Baht

  • 4X2 2.8 Entry

    Standard Price 604,000 Baht

  • 4X2 2.4 Entry AT

    Standard Price 634,000 Baht

  • 4x2 2.4 Entry

    Standard Price 584,000 Baht

  • 4x2 2.4 Entry Short Wheelbase

    Standard Price 584,000 Baht

  • 4x2 2.4 Entry AT (Cab & Chassis)

    Standard Price 594,000 Baht

  • 4x2 2.4 Entry (Cab & Chassis)

    Standard Price 544,000 Baht


• For Solid Color unit 7,000 bath must be deduct.
• Hilux Revo, Standard Cab and Chassis model excluding the additional cabinet at the end of the pickup truck, the price of the mentioned pickup truck model is exempt from excise tax. However, if the car is modified or extended according to the conditions stipulated by law, you must proceed to pay the excise tax at the rate specified by law.