Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., is proud to present the 10th step of the 2013 Toyota Sustainability Report. This report focuses on the programs initiated by Toyota during the fiscal year 2013 (April 2012 - March 2013) which dealt with the 3 vital components to sustainable development: Economic, Production and Management; Environmental Awareness; and Social Contributions.

In this report, Toyota has adhered to GRI Index Reference (Global Reporting Initiative) standards of transparency which based on 3 dimensional corporate operations, by examining Economic, Production, and Management, Environmental Awareness, and Social Contributions. Toyota's adherence to this international standard is another example of how seriously the company takes its commitment to giving back to Thai society and the environment, for a better tomorrow.

Sustainability Report 2013
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Sustainability Report 2012
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Sustainability Report 2011
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Sustainability Report 2010
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Sustainability Report 2009
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