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Toyota Announces 2020 Car Sales With 2021 Domestic Sales Projection at 850,000 - 900,000 Units And Toyota Sales Target at 280,000 - 300,000 Units

        Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand, announced the 2020 car sales performance along with Thai automotive market projection in 2021, on 25 January 2021, through online. 

        Mr. Yamashita said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on all of us, but the government's measures have been successful in the past. We believe that we will step towards the recovery and can expect a bright start from now on, although the epidemic situation has returned. We, Toyota Motor Thailand, will stay with Thai people and fight against the pandemic until its end. We hope for all Thai people to stay safe and healthy.”

        Mr. Yamashita continued, “In 2020, the automotive industry in Thailand was greatly affected by COVID-19. Therefore, domestic market volume was decreased by 21.4% compared to the previous year, or 792,146 units.”

2020 Market Result

2020 Sales

Difference compared to 2019

Total Sales

792,146 units    


Passenger Cars

 274,789 units


Commercial Vehicles

517,357 units


1-ton Pickups (Including PPV)

409,463 units


Pure Pickups

364,887 units


        For the 2021 automotive industry outlook, Mr. Yamashita projected, “For Thailand automotive industry, this year will be a challenging year again. Many factors, such as the COVID-19 epidemic situation, including vaccine development and accessibility, and the global economic trend, including economic stimulus measures by governments, will affect the outlook. Furthermore, the activities in auto industry, such as new product introduction, marketing event, and sales campaign, will also play a significant role to stimulate auto sales. Considering these factors, we forecast the market volume in 2021 will be in the range between 850,000 to 900,000 units, or 7 to 14% increase from last year.”

2021 Domestic Sales Forecast

2021 Sales Projection

Difference compared to 2020

Total Sales

850,000  900,000 units    

+ 7-14%

Passenger Cars

290,000  318,000 units

+ 5-15%

Commercial Vehicles

560,000  582,000 units

+ 8-13%

        Mr. Yamashita revealed about Toyota sales performance in the previous year, “Regarding Toyota performance in 2020, our overall sales were decreased by 26.5%, or 244,316 units. Although we have faced several difficulties last year, we attained No. 1 market share, at 30.8%. New models, such as Corolla Cross, Yaris, Ativ, Fortuner Legender, Hilux Revo and Innova Crysta, were well accepted by our valued customers, making it possible for us to regain the market share.”

2020 Toyota Sales Performance

2020 Sales

Difference compared to 2019

Market share

Total Sales

244,316 units   



Passenger Cars

 68,152 units



Commercial Vehicles

176,164 units



1-ton Pickups (Including PPV)

149,635 units



Pure Pickups

129,893 units



        Mr. Yamashita added, “As for Toyota, our sales target in 2021 is between 280,000 to 300,000 units, or 15 to 23% increase, with 33.3% market share.”

2021 Toyota Car Sales Forecast

2021 Sales Forecast

Difference compared to 2020

Market share

Total Sales

280,000 – 300,000 units     

+ 15-23%


Passenger Cars

   82,500 – 92,000 units    

+ 21-35%


Commercial Vehicles

197,500 – 208,000 units     

+ 12-18%


1-ton Pickups (Including PPV)

168,500 – 181,000 units    

+ 13-21%


Pure Pickups

144,000 – 153,000 units     

+ 11-18%


        In terms of export, Toyota’s CBU export volume in 2020 was 215,277 units, or 18.7% decrease from 2019. Our total production volume for domestic sales and export in 2020 was 442,822 units, or 22.4% decrease from the previous year.

Toyota CBU Export and Production Volume in 2020

2020 Performance

Difference compared to 2019

Export Volume

215,277 units    


Total Production Volume for Domestic Sales and Export

442,822 units


        Regarding the forecast of Toyota CBU export this year, the target is 254,000 units, or 18% increase from the previous year due to increased demand in major regions, such as Asia & Oceania. This year, Toyota’s target is 527,000 units, or 19% increase from 2020. This speculation aligns with both local and global sales target.

Target of Toyota CBU Export and Production Volume in 2021

2021 Target

Difference compared to 2020

Export Volume

254,000 units        


Total Production Volume for Domestic Sales and Export

527,000 units


        Mr. Yamashita further explained about Toyota’s business direction in Thailand, “It is well recognized that our industry is experiencing profound transformation. At Toyota, we are aiming to transform ourselves from an Automobile Company to a ‘Mobility Company’. Our aim is always to produce happiness for the Thai society with our ‘Mobility Business’ activities.

        Through ‘Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050’, we are aiming to achieve ZERO environmental impact in all vehicle-related activities. Globally, we have challenged ourselves to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% compared to 2010. And we have been actively introducing environmentally friendly vehicles. They include various line up of electrified vehicles such as Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, BEV and FCEV. We believe these vehicles should co-exist with people needs and infrastructure development in Thailand.

        In fact, Toyota Motor Thailand was the first carmaker in Thailand to produced Hybrid vehicles by introducing Camry Hybrid since 2009. And various Hybrid models like Prius, C-HR, Corolla Altis and Corolla Cross were followed. They have been well received by Thai customers, and sales volume reached more than 100,000 until now. Our goal is to promote the popularization of xEVs in Thailand, aligned with comprehensive energy policy by government and establish a strong foundation towards the future electrification era. To achieve this goal, close collaboration with various stakeholders who share the same vision and passion is required.

        Currently, we have partners to start up ‘3R scheme’ for re-use, re-build, and recycle of used Hybrid batteries. Moreover, Toyota is supporting various projects to develop the roadmap towards promoting electrified vehicles. As a first step, we have supported research projects with universities in various aspects, such as customer needs, impact to stakeholders, and infrastructure development requirements. It was completed by the end of last year and the findings will be shared with Government sectors.

        Furthermore, last month, we joined hands with Pattaya City and Osaka Gas in order to develop the ‘Decarbonized Sustainable City’ which is the demonstration project to introduce various electrified vehicles that will be used for various purposes of transportation in Pattaya City. And we will confirm whether our research results can be practical or not. We hope that the results will be an example of other provinces.

        As a 'Mobility Company', we also continue to provide ever-better experience for our customers. We collaborate with Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and various partners to enhance our services to meet a new lifestyle and people needs. To enhance the 'New Buying Experience', KINTO, our auto leasing services, is expanding the model choices and package plans. 'Connected Auto Loan' or 'CAL' is contributing to 'easy to own' through telematics.

        We have also introduced a new platform 'TOYOTA Wallet', our digital payment tool. It will further enrich your daily lives and respond to the New Normal in the post-COVID-19. In order to enhance the 'New Usage Experience', we are expanding 'T-Connect' technology to new models like Hilux Revo, Fortuner, Corolla Cross, and Innova Crysta. It is including 'Theft Track System', 'Trip Report', 'Find My Car', as well as 'Concierge Services'. On top of that, 'T-Connect' is also playing a role to reduce traffic accidents. We introduced the ground-breaking insurance package, 'Toyota Care Pay How You Drive'. It is a value for money insurance package based on data analysis from driving behavior.”

        Mr. Yamashita added, “Although Toyota has been deeply impacted by COVID-19, we would like to support Thai society by ‘Toyota Stay with You’ project in collaboration with our dealers and suppliers nationwide. Moreover, we continue our mission to lead Thai society to a ‘Sustainable Development Era’ through our activities. ‘Toyota White Road’ project is contributing to make a ‘Good Driver Society’ by increasing the number of skilled drivers. And last year, we improved the programs from ‘Safe Eco Driving Course’ to ‘Toyota Mobility Driving Course’. We have already conducted this course for 5,000 people to private sectors, Government, and general publics.

        In addition, ‘Toyota Green Town’ is our environment education center inspired by environmental preservation activities in our production plant. We aim to expose our knowhow to the publics in order to expand ‘Toyota Green Town’ across the region with our Dealers. ‘Toyota Social Innovation project’ is aiming to improve business operations of small and medium sized enterprises by TPS philosophy. Last year, we completed the business kaizen project with 6 local businesses This year, we will operate 3 new Yokoten centers nationwide, and implement it for 10 more businesses.

        With all that I said, we want to show our appreciation to the Thai Government, our customers, and all stakeholders that support ‘Team Toyota Thailand’ even during this difficult time. Through Toyota global direction, Thailand is our key regional hub for manufacturing and export. As a ‘Mobility Company’, we are committed to contribute to create the prosperity of Thai Auto Industry. Also, we promise to deliver the utmost happiness for Thai people in terms of products, services, business operations and society,” Mr. Yamashita concluded. 

Toyota Mobility of Happiness

Domestic Car Sales of December 2021

1. Total Car Sales: 104,089 units, increase by 11.3%  

Number 1 Toyota33,197 unitsincrease12.6%31.9% market share
Number 2 Isuzu22,917 unitsincrease45.3%22.0% market share
Number 3 Honda10,075 unitsincrease5.6%9.7% market share

2. Passenger Car Sales: 38,130 units, increase by 3.1%

Number 1 Toyota8,811 unitsdecrease12.6%23.1% market share
Number 2 Honda8,378 unitsincrease22.4%20.9% market share
Number 3 Mazda3,475 unitsincrease3.1%9.1% market share

3. Commercial Vehicle Sales: 65,959 units, increase by 16.7%

Number 1 Toyota24,386 unitsincrease25.7%37.0% market share
Number 2 Isuzu22,917 unitsincrease45.3%34.7% market share
Number 3 Ford4,595 unitsunchanged-7.0% market share

4. One-ton Pickup Sales (Pure Pick up and PPV): 51,516 units, increase by 14.4%

Number 1 Isuzu21,566 unitsincrease46.9%41.9% market share
Number 2 Toyota20,123 unitsincrease17.5%39.1% market share
Number 3 Ford4,595 unitsunchanged-8.9% market share

PPV sales in 1-ton pickup market: 7,512 units
Isuzu 2,806 units – Toyota 2,709 units – Mitsubishi 1,118 units – Ford 856 units – Nissan 23 units

5. Pure Pickup Sales: 44,004 units, increase by 11.1%

Number 1 Isuzu18,760 unitsincrease34.9%42.6% market share
Number 2 Toyota17,414 unitsincrease16.4%39.6% market share
Number 3 Ford3,739 unitsdecrease3.9%8.5% market share

Domestic Car Sales of January – December 2020

1. Toyota Car Sales: 792,146 units, decrease by 21.4%

Number 1 Toyota244,316 unitsdecrease26.5%30.8% market share
Number 2 Isuzu181,194 unitsdecrease7.7%22.9% market share
Number 3 Honda93,041 unitsdecrease26.1%11.7% market share

2. Passenger Car Sales: 274,789 units, decrease by 31.0%

Number 1 Honda77,419 unitsincrease19.5%28.2% market share
Number 2 Toyota68,152 unitsdecrease42.1%24.8% market share
Number 3 Nissan27,120 unitsdecrease24.3%9.9% market share

3. Commercial Vehicle Sales: 517,357 units, decrease by 15.1%

Number 1 Isuzu181,194 unitsincrease7.7%35.0% market share
Number 2 Toyota176,164 unitsdecrease17.9%34.1% market share
Number 3 Mitsubishi35,046 unitsdecrease29.0%8.6% market share

4. One-ton Pickup Sales (Pure Pick up and PPV): 409,463 units, decrease by 16.8%

Number 1 Isuzu168,467 unitsincrease10.0%41.1% market share
Number 2 Toyota149,635 unitsdecrease21.9%36.5% market share
Number 3 Mitsubishi35,046 unitsdecrease23.5%10.1% market share

PPV sales in 1-ton pickup market: 44,576 units
Toyota 19,742 units – Mitsubishi 9,342 units – Isuzu 8,139 units – Ford 5,343 units –  Nissan 1,338 units – Chevrolet 672 units

5. Pure Pickup Sales: 364,887 units, decrease by 15.5%

Number 1 Isuzu160,328 unitsincrease11.6%43.9% market share
Number 2 Toyota129,893 unitsdecrease21.5%35.6% market share
Number 3 Mitsubishi25,704 unitsdecrease28.2%7.0% market share