The first global debut in Thailand Toyota Fortuner GR Sport The Wisdom of a Leader

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Word Press Release (EN)
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        Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, together with Dr. Jurachart Jongusuk and Ms. Anyarat Suthibenjakul, Regional Chief Engineers of Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing Company Limited, and Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, all took an honorable part in the Toyota Fortuner GR Sport's first global debut in Thailand, as well as an introduction of the Modelista accessories kit and the 2021 enhanced edition. It is truly the automobile of pride that represents the wisdom of a leader.

Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited has started to bring in the first generation of the luxurious multi-purpose vehicle Toyota Fortuner in 2005 under the 'IMV: Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle' project. The project leads to the phenomenon that propels Toyota to become the leading Pick-Up Passenger Vehicle (PPV) manufacturer among the multi-purpose vehicles market, domestic and international.  Being well-known for its world-class standard manufacture quality, top-notched design, exceptional driving performance, and wide range of functionalities, it proudly maintains its top-of-mind status amid Thai and foreign customers with the total sales volume of more than 380,000 units* (*Fortuner's accumulated sales volume under IMV project as of 2004  - July 2021), accompanied by various quality-guarantee rewards, including JD Power Asia Pacific Award, Thailand Automotive Quality Award (TAQA Awards), and the Car of the year Award.

Toyota Fortuner GR Sport...Race your Pride Ambition

The 2021 newly enhanced Fortuner … Wisdom of a Leader

Dr. Jurachart Jongusuk, Regional Chief Engineer, said: "According to the feedback we have gathered from nationwide customers, we have implemented them in the development process of this new edition. For the 2021 newly enhanced Fortuner, we added the Panoramic View Monitor for the V series to expand the visibility to promote safety while also added the automated and independently-controlled front row AC for every model. As for the Fortuner 2.8 Legender, there are also built-in Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert to ensure confidence and safety in every journey."

        Ms. Anyarat Suthibenjakul, Regional Chief Engineer, also added: “The developmental concept of the Fortuner GR Sport originated from the sports cars competed in the World Rally Championship (WRC)—high-performance vehicles capable of going places and maneuvering on any terrain, for multi-purpose vehicles drivers who seek an excellent driving performance. With sports-car-like suspension including the new Monotube Shock Absorber that is more responsive to the driving control, it will truly be the joy of driving while maintaining comfort, which is the signature element of this series.”

Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, further added: “Yet again, I must thank all medical workers who have been working tirelessly and determined to fight against the critical ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation. As for the automobile industry, although we have also been affected by this challenging time, I must express my deepest gratitude to the valued customers who placed their trust in our products, especially the Fortuner Legender models that are very well-received. It has helped us to maintain the top-of-mind status amid the PPV market.  This year's newly enhanced edition has been developed to support daily life activities by uplifting the PPV's high-quality components to increase its longevity. It will be suitable for customers looking for a private car, families to drive in town, and travelers to go long-distance during their holidays.”

Fortuner, GR Sport edition

The GR Sport Fortuner is the flagship vehicle among Toyota's PPVs. With the same origin as the GR Sport Hilux Revo, it has combined the valuable experience and technical knowledge obtained from Toyota's participation in the performance test run in racing tracks around the globe under the world-class racing car brand of TOYOTA GAZOO RACING. Thus, GR Sport Fortuner has become the leading top-tier automobile in the style of TOYOTA GAZOO RACING's racing cars, unleashing the sports-car spirit in your driving experience. I firmly believe that the GR Sport Fortuner will take PPV to its next level.

- All New...Exterior design... Toyota Gazoo Racing cars-style uniqueness. Embracing the qualities of Sport Premium PPV.

- New design glossy black front grille imprinted with the GR emblem.

- Front bumper equipped with glossy black accessories kit.

- Door handles in the same color as the car’s body.

- New design sports-car style rear spoiler

- 20-inches alloy wheels in the special color exclusively for GR Sport edition.

- All New...Interior design... Displays the sports cars' identity in every aspect.

- Sports car Red & Black interior design for racing cars-like experience while maintaining the elegant luxury.

- Sports car upholstery combined with Perforated suede, decorated with red thread stitching and the GR emblem.

- Central console decorated with the Smoke silver color stripes, upholstered with black artificial leather and red thread stitching.

- Front AC vent with Smoke silver and chromium color stripes.

- Black artificial leather door panel decorated with Smoke silver color stripes. 

- Soft Touch, perforated leather steering wheel cover, decorated with red Center mark, red thread stitching/ Smoke silver color, and the GR emblem.

- Leather covered shift knob decorated with Smoke silver color stripes.

- Carbon Fiber pattern shifter console decorated with Smoke silver color stripes.

- Artificial leather-upholstered glove box with red thread stitching.

- Sports car accelerator and brake pedals.  

- Passenger cabin carpet, designed exclusively for GR Sport.

- Smart key remote control key, exclusively designed for GR Sport models, with smart ignition system imprinted with the GR emblem.

- All New...Driving performance...Fully-responsive sports car-like transmission system 

- Double Wishbone front suspension and four link rear suspension with coiled springs, stabilizer bar, and the new Monotube Shock Absorber.

- Ventilated brake disc for front-rear brake system with red brake caliper and the GR emblem.

- All New... Security functionality...A peace of mind in every adventure, supported by the international security standard.

- Toyota Safety Sense : Pre-collision system, Lane Departure Alert, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

- Blind Spot Monitor

- Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Fortuner, Legender edition

For the Legender Fortuner, we emphasized the Premium PPV qualities with the sleek and elegant design and advanced security functions, such as Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Monitor, and the Toyota Safety Sense to boost confidence and maximum security while driving. It also offers 2 Type-C USB sockets for more convenience.

Fortuner, Standard edition

In the standard editions, we added the Panoramic View Monitor for the V series and the automated, independently-controlled front row AC for every model to ensure safety at every angle and promote more comfort for the customers.

Modelista accessories kit   

An exclusive accessories kit designed from Japan with luxurious design, uniqueness, and one-of-a-kind look & feel under the collaboration with TCD Asia Company Limited, for customers who love to modify their vehicles to stand out with higher quality.

        Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, continues: “Furthermore, we strive to provide the New Buying experience with the New Usage experience through a wide range of services exclusively for Toyota customers so that anyone could own a Toyota with trust, peace of mind, security, and comfort during their ownership of the car.”

- New Buying Experience— A new age technology that transforms the traditional buying experience to a whole new level.

1. Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA): Customers can check the estimated time of vehicle delivery.

2. Connected Auto Loan (CAL): A program that will make car loan approval more effortless than ever.

3. KINTO: Toyota offers the new approach to freedom with long-term online car rental for individuals and business entities. It makes new cars more accessible to you with various selections under the 'KINTO ONE service: A smart service without a down payment. Buy it only when you like it.' It comes with 3 complete services below:

1. Full Service—The best comfort upon any adventures covers all the costs for high standard quality services from Toyota

• First class insurance maintenance package from Toyota Care

• Emergency assistance service

• Replacement car service during repairment.

• Annual car tax handling service 

2. One Price—The best value of ownership for customers to maximize the car usage while paying for a single price point throughout the agreement.   

• No down payment required.

• Stress-free about the reselling price.

• When the agreement ends, the customer can choose to become an owner or change to a new car* (*New option! Upon the agreement's end, the customer can own a vehicle with a similar installment rate as the current rate.)

3. Online Service— The best freedom of service with an online car rental service that provides convenient and fast service from start to finish. Register via website and use the KINTO mobile application. You can check the approval result within 1 hour during working days and working hours.

- New Usage Experience: Integrated technology with the future of the automobile industry, delivering the service right through the T-Connect by TOYOTA mobile application.

1. Always Located and Protect: Services offered for worry-free security: 

- Find My Car—to track the car’s position in Real Time.

- TheftTrack—to track the car’s position upon being stolen, with 24-hours contact support from Toyota.

- Emergency service (SOS). 

- Geo-fencing system.

2. Telematics CARE: Makes care maintenance easier for a carefree driving.

- Maintenance Reminder service, including the online appointment service.

- Vehicle Information, showing the vehicle’s status and driving information, as well as the license and insurance renewal reminder.

- Annual car license renewal reminder.

- Pay How You Drive (PHYD) Insurance scheme: A new insurance scheme that offers more discounts from behavior records analysis. There will be a renewal premiums discount for safe drivers with satisfaction behavioral and distance data. 

3. Happiness Mobility: More happiness along the road

- Concierge Services is ready to assist you through the journey.

        Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, concluded: “We aim to develop Fortuner to become the leading automobile that integrates all of the best qualities according to its slogan, 'Wisdom of a leader' that resonates with customers of any age who are ambitious and looking for a vehicle that supports their leadership character, possess outstanding qualities in every aspect, ready for any adventure, and the most important thing is that the vehicle serves its value. Likewise, the GR Sport Fortuner has taken the definition of leadership to the next level by defying its limitation to achieve the set goals constantly, so it is why we selected the official communication concept for GR Sport Fortuner as "Race your Pride Ambition."

Own the Toyota Fortuner GR Sport and the 2021 newly enhanced Fortuner
Fortuner GR Sport edition and Legender edition, including 4 variants 
3 exterior colors available.

- Emotional Red Black Top *       - White Pearl CS Black Top *

- Attitude Black Mica

Fortuner GR Sport edition

- 2.8 GR Sport, 4WD Automatic transmission 1,879,000 THB

Fortuner Legender edition

- 2.8 Legender, 4WD Automatic transmission 1,839,000 THB

- 2.8 Legender, Automatic transmission     1,775,000 THB

- 2.4 Legender, 4WD Automatic transmission 1,636,000 THB

- 2.4 Legender, Automatic transmission     1,566,000 THB

(*Additional 20,000 THB for Emotional Red Black Top and White Pearl CS Black Top colors)

Toyota Fortuner, Standard editions, including 3 variants
6 exterior colors available 

- Dark Blue Mica        - Emotional Red **

- White Pearl CS**        - Silver Metallic

- Dark Grey Metallic    - Attitude Black Mica


- 2.4V, 4WD Automatic transmission        1,536,000 THB

- 2.4V, Automatic transmission        1,466,000 THB

- 2.4G, Automatic transmission        1,351,000 THB

(** Additional 12,000 for Emotional Red and White Pearl CS colors)

Own the new Toyota Fortuner today! 
Enjoy exclusive offers from the special campaign and quality guarantee expansion package to 5 years 150,000 km, including a free service fee of up to 100,000 km distance, altogether a total of 45,000 THB worth for every Fortuner models. 

Exclusively for the customers to own Standard edition 2.4G, 2.4V, 2.4V 4WD with White Pearl CS and Attitude Black Mica color
Free! 57,620 THB Modellista accessories kit 
Introducing 2021 newly enhanced Toyota Fortuner from 26 August 
And Toyota Fortuner GR Sport from 17 September at the nationwide dealership showrooms 

We also invite you to join an exclusive Live activity on the Toyota Motor Thailand Hilux Revo Thailand Facebook page and nationwide dealerships’ Facebook pages from this upcoming 10 August.

You are welcomed for a test drive at the Toyota Driving Experience Park (TDEX) Bangna (3rd kilometer marker)

To learn more about our products and promotional activities, please visit:
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