Toyota is ready to comply with the government’s B20 policy, with an aim to help reduce air pollution Toyota also adjusts prices of Hilux REVO

          Mr.  Michinobu  Sugata,  President  of  Toyota  Motor  Thailand  Company  Limited , together with Mr. Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont, Executive Vice President, unveiled the firm’s readiness of its long-term plan to be part of an effort to solve air pollution problems. On this regard, the company also reaffirmed its readiness on its products for B20 biodiesel fuel compatibility in Thailand.The statement was announced on 9 April, 2019.

          Mr. Michinobu Sugata, President, revealed that “Toyota is strongly committed to make “Ever-Better Cars”. One of the firm’s missions is that it has challenged itself to reduce emissions from vehicle to zero-emission by 2050. As the leader of Thailand’s automobile industry, Toyota in Thailand also realizes the importance of joining the effort to help mitigate environmental problems, especially the PM 2.5 that has affected the health and daily lives of the Thai people. To achieve our objectives, we are glad to announce that our products are compatible with B20 biodiesel which will also help solve the issue of PM 2.5. In addition, the promotion of the use of B20 biodiesel is also regarded as part of the support for palm agriculturists to manage their excessive supplies to ensure the crop’s maximum benefits while generating higher and more stable income. Toyota believes that its strong commitment will help improve the quality of life of the people and propel the Thai economic growth.

        Our products that are compatible with B20 biodiesel are Hilux and Fortuner model. On behalf of Toyota Motor Thailand, we would like to thank the Thai government for the policy to promote the B20 biodiesel through excise tax rate privileges for 1 ton pick-up. As a result, Toyota is able to decrease the prices of Hilux REVO effective immediately.” 

        Mr. Vudhigorn added that “Toyota pays attention to environmental care and has been strongly determined to being part of the effort to reduce air pollution. As such, it has produced a number of products that are compatible with B20 Biodiesel with the following details. 
       1) Hilux REVO and Fortuner vehicles with the production years from 2015-presentcan accommodate the use of B20 Biodiesel. 

       2) For Hilux VIGO and Fortuner vehicles with the production years from 2011-2015, if there is the need for the consistent use of B20 Biodiesel in the areas with regular temperatures of lower than 16 degrees Celsius, please seek prior advice from Toyota service centers. 
       3) For Toyota Hilux and Toyota Fortuner that were produced before 2011, it is not recommended to use B20 Biodiesel. 

        Now, we have already adjusted the prices of all variants of Toyota Hilux REVO in response to the new excise tax rate policy. The new prices will be effective from 9 April onwards. If the customers have any questions or would like to inquire for more details, please contact Toyota Call Center at (+66) 2 386 2000 or contact our authorized Toyota dealers nationwide. 

       We strongly aim that our effort to promote the use of B20 Biodiesel will help solve the environmental problems, especially the air pollution, for the Thai society in the long run and alleviate the difficulties of the palm agriculturist as a key driver of the Thai economy.”

       Mr. Michinobu Sugata concluded that “On behalf of Toyota Motor Thailand, we will continuously put all our efforts to improve our product quality. Moreover, we also dedicate to develop the eco-friendly vehicles in order to ensure that the automotive industry can be harmonized with society as priority. We would like to extend our appreciation to all stakeholders for the great support for the policy and the development of B20 Biodiesel compatible products.

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