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Toyota Declares Political Neutrality Ensuring to Provide All Customers with High-Standard Customer Service

Word Press Release (EN)
Word Press Release (EN)

With reference to the incident that an employee of a Toyota Dealer expressed his personal opinion through social media concerning the company’s service offering, Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. would like to clarify that the company continues to maintain our intention to be a private organization that adheres firmly to political neutrality. In this regard, we affirm to persistently offer our service in accordance with Toyota’s established standard to all valued customers as always.   

Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. has no intention to impose prohibition and obstruction against the participation in political protests or the engagement in any political advocacy because we deem it as an individual’s personal rights. However, we strictly request that all employees of the company and subsidiaries, as well as Toyota Dealers, who engage in the protests by physically joining the demonstrations, entering the venues that the protests take place, expressing opinions relating to political situations, or even providing interviews through all media channels, to refrain from using Toyota’s name or logo and wearing clothes with Toyota’s logo on them while engaging in such political actions. The company reserves the rights to take appropriate legal actions in case that any person or group of persons exploit Toyota’s brand or trademark while expressing political opinions without prior permission. 

Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. strongly adheres to good governance, as well as neutrality and impartiality. We hereby affirm our intention to be politically neutral and sincerely hope that the situation will be eased peacefully soon with everyone considering the benefits of all people as the main priority. We truly wish that everyone is safe amidst the situation.