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Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2021 Spirit to push the limit

Word Press Release (EN)
Word Press Release (EN)

        Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, alongside Mr. Sontaya Kunplome, Second Vice President of The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage, and Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand presided over the online press conference of “Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2021”.

        Toyota Motor Thailand has been the early pioneer of motorsport in Thailand since 1986. Throughout the years, we are firmly committed to continuously spearheading greater advancement of Thai motorsport by cultivating high-caliber individuals, ranging from young drivers to professional racers, in order to provide them with unprecedented opportunities to gain fame to the nation. With the continuing effort, Toyota has ultimately won the undisputed leading position of Thai motorsport. 

        Mr. Noriaki Yamashita addressed, “Toyota has been actively engaged in motorsports for a long time as part of our global philosophy of “building ever-better cars.” In order to embody the concept of "Roads build people, and people build cars", Toyota has participated in all races, and applied the experience and technology to develop the cars and people. In addition, Toyota is developing a hydrogen engine as the technology option towards a carbon-neutral society. It has installed on a racing vehicle based on Corolla Hatchback, and entered in competition under the ORC ROOKIE Racing banner. The first race was a 24-hour race in the Super Taikyu Series 2021 on May 21-23.”

Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport 2021    ...Spirit to push the limits

        According to the philosophy of Toyota Gazoo Racing in motorsport, we believe that vehicles perform at their best when pushed to the ultimate limits, which will never be seen in day-to-day driving. These are the challenging goals of Toyota in creating “Ever-Better Cars”. In essence, motorsport introduces more in-depth perspectives for the production of better cars, paving the way for passing on the distinctive DNA of motorsport for the development of various special models, specifically the Toyota GR Series.    

        Toyota Motorsport 2021 in Thailand is held under the theme of “Spirit to push the limits”. Such spirit portrays the pure courage to open all senses, triggers the unique boldness inside the participants to transcend all their challenging limits while experiencing the exceptional performance of Toyota cars through the four series of one-make races. 

  Hilux Revo OMR: With its robust 2.4 L engine, Toyota unleashes the vehicle's extremely robust performance and impeccable strength powered by the 2nd generation of GD Super Engine

Corolla Altis GR Sport OMR: Toyota proudly showcases the superb performance of GR Sport car series through Corolla Altis GR Sport equipped with 1.8 L Dual VVT-i engine and TNGA platform. Having been crowned champion amidst the formidable challenges for 2 consecutive years in Super Production 3 category of the ADAC 24-hour Nurburgring 2020 - 2021 in Germany is the best proven record that guarantees its state-of-the-art performance.

Vios OMR and Vios Lady OMR: With its 1.5 L Dual VVT-i engine, the car presents uniquely distinctive driving performance, striking agility, and remarkable endurance

        This year, Toyota exclusively presents TOYOTA EXECUTIVE CHARITY RACE 2021 that allows TMT and and Toyota Dealer executives to race and feel the real performance of the new Hilux Revo Double Cab 4X2 Z Edition - a car that comes with exceptionally powerful performance and immense strength. All the cash prizes from this race will be presented to government organizations for charitable purposes.  

        On top of that, due to the current COVID-19 situation, the event will be organized with strict protection and precautionary measures. All event organizers and participants must register in the Thai Chana Application, pass body temperature checkpoints, and wear facemasks at all times, all of which are in accordance with the government’s policy. The race areas will not only be enclosed with fences to limit the enter and exit points, but also be cleaned thoroughly. The number of people gathering will be strictly limited in a bid to avoid crowdedness. All these measures will be implemented in accordance with all the government’s regulations.  

Indulge in Fun-To-Drive Experience in Performance Shows Presented by Toyota cars

- Battle Drift Show 

This is a perfect opportunity to witness the striking performance of the GR series to be showcased through the wildly exciting battle of GR Supra VS Corolla Altis GR-S.

- Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand Show

Experience the performance show of race cars and leading professional racers that have proven their strength and stamina in various world-renowned circuits. The show is intended to portray the sheer commitment and success of the national motorsports. 

Enjoy Special Experience in Real Racetracks

- GR Hot Lap

This is an exclusive opportunity for the event participants to have fun while riding in the sport car  GR Drift with professional racers in the real racetracks.  

- Toyota Fun Ride  

Customers can enjoy the fresh and hands-on experience of what it feels like to actually drive a Toyota car equipped with TNGA platform in the real racetracks. In this regard, Camry, Corolla Altis, and C-HR are available for customers to drive and feel the extraordinary driving performance and controllability, while having absolute peace of mind.  

Exciting Activities for New Generations

        Experience the unique characteristics of Toyota Gazoo Racing through the GR brand journey, trophies that guarantee its excellence, showcase of all high-performance GR cars that were raced in the real racetracks.

- Lifestyle

One Make Race Information: Get to know the racers of OMR through the information board, the race car number, and board that shows the selling points of OMR cars (original specs / performance accessories) that come with leading-edge technologies, offer fun driving experience, along with the ultimate safety standards. 

Racer Clubhouse: This is a chance to get to know the racers, explore their real passion for racing, as well as interesting stories and challenging obstacles they have encountered throughout their career journey.  

Racing Star team: Participants can join the casual discussion and Q&A session through the event’s live streaming. 

- Game & Entertainment

GR Simulator: Entertain yourselves in the driving simulators of GR Supra and Corolla Altis GR Sport which come with an innovative hydraulic system to ensure that participants feel the real driving sensation. 

GR Racing Cockpit: E-Sport enthusiasts can fully indulge in an exciting racing experience in world-renowned PlayStation games. 

GR RC Challenge & GR Touch: Enjoy the exciting games that will provide pure entertainment for the event participants.  

- Racing Mania

Experience the great gathering of Hilux Revo lovers across the nation who will exchange their experience on car modification with the legendary “Big 6” team members who will also share their expertise and experience in this activity. Plus, you can choose to buy products from Toyota’s leading business partners and local auto modification shops, as well as having fun with Hilux Revo Caravan in the racetracks. 

Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy Thailand

        Established in 2009, Toyota Gazoo Racing School has provided racing lovers with hands-on experience and an ideal chance for skill development with professional racers. The courses that this school offers ranges from Basic Course, Advanced Course, and Racing Course. Essentially, this initiative has fostered and developed several new faces in the Thai motorsports these days.   

        This year, “The Dream Racers” activity will also be hosted for the second year to inspire young generations who love the speed of racing and motorsports. Participants will experience the GR series of Toyota through driving skill development provided by Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy Thailand. After the course completion, the winners will be selected to get the first-hand driving experience in the world-renowned Chang International Circuit in Buriram Province. Interested persons can apply to join via Facebook: Toyota Gazoo Racing Motorsport Thailand. 

E-Motorsport Competition “Gran Turismo GR Supra GT Cup"

This activity will support new generations to take part in motorsports through online competition in TGR GT Cup Game. Together, they will take on a challenge in the famous Gran Turismo game with over a thousand e-Motorsport racers around the world. You are invited to join the competition on PlayStation and also root for Thai e-Motorsport racers in the Asia-Pacific and global competition in December 2021.   

Support Thai racing teams to enter local and international events

This year, Toyota dispatched GR Sport Toyota Corolla Altis GR Sport to race in ADAC 24h Race Nürburgring which is a world-class racing series renowned for extreme racing conditions, challenging tracks and probably one of the most dangerous circuits in the world. The racing team completed the race with the Corolla and won the first place in 2 consecutive years and the third place in the Super Production 3 category. This undoubtedly represents the model’s full potential of durable and striking engine performance, superb suspension crafted for sports driving with superb stability, unsurpassed controllability, TNGA platform, as well as world-class safety standard.  

Mr. Surasak Suthongwan said, “As President Yamashita always reemphasizes our strong commitment to the continuous development of ever-better cars, we would like to build on the past success of the activity by inspiring new generations through ‘The Dream Racers’ activity which will be held for the second year. Last year, this initiative was highly successful with over 200 participants. Those who pass the qualifying round will enjoy a unique opportunity to practice their driving skills with professional racers from Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy Thailand. Then, we will select the winners to take on the once-in-a-lifetime challenge as they will be driving the GR Supra and GR Yaris in the world-class Chang International Circuit in Buriram Province. Furthermore, we will occasionally update the activity in the form of reality program in order to provide the new generations who love motorsports with the golden opportunity to embark on an extremely thrilling experience with us.” 

        “This year we will continuously strive to outperform performance and quality, durability and reliability or QDR through the one-make races. In addition, we are expanding the “Revo Racing Mania” to every motorsport race, because pickup is a part of people’s lives in Thailand, and they love modifying. Besides, in Thailand, “Thailand Super Series (TSS)”, by inviting Toyota loyalty racers to drive our Hilux Revo, will further verify our car’s performance on the track. Our 5 races in 4 regions would help stimulate the economy and support the local business. On top of that, I am very excited to join the “Executive Charity Race” for the first time. I wish all TMT executives and dealer owners to feel the real performance, and understand customers’ needs.

        Besides, allow me to congratulate Toyota Gazoo Racing Thailand for driving Toyota Corolla Altis GR Sport  to win the first place in 2 consecutive years and the third place in the Super Production 3 category in the ADAC Zurich 24H Race Nurburgring. By competing one of the hardest race tracks in the world, our Toyota car’s quality, performance, and durability are proved.

        Moreover, I have a good news for Toyota GR fans. This year, we will introduce new products under GR series with an affordable price. Please keep updated! On my final note, my deepest gratitude goes to all related government officials, members of the media, racers, and our partners, including Arto, Yokohama, TCD, Singha, and Lenso for their ongoing support.” Mr. Noriaki Yamashita concluded.

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