Lexus Group introduces its first electric vehicle, the New All-Electric Lexus UX 300e; “First-Class” luxury vehicle, the New Lexus LS and luxury sport sedan, the New Lexus IS

Word Press Release (EN)
Word Press Release (EN)

        Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., preside over the press conference of its electric vehicle, the New All-Electric Lexus UX 300e, for the first time in Thailand along with the new “First-Class” luxury model, the New Lexus LS and the luxury sport sedan, The New Lexus IS. The KINTO One Experience was also introduced as the first step to amazingly experience Lexus cars on 27 November 2020 at Eastin Thana City Golf Resort Bangkok.

        Mr. Surasak Suthongwan unveiled “This year we took a new step to “The Further Step of Lexus” where the brand direction was adjusted to be more exclusive and clearer. We aim to deliver a spectacular experience to our customers under the concept of EXPERIENCE AMAZING. The new direction for Lexus will adhere to the following 3 development guidelines which are:

1. LEXUS DRIVING SIGNATURE, an iconic driving style of Lexus

2. CRAFTSMANSHIP, the presentation of craftsmanship in creating Lexus cars 

3. ELECTRIFIED, the introduction of 100% electric vehicle as an alternative energy

        “Our goal is to reflect the Lexus’ DNA through premium driving experience for drivers and passengers, boasting its quiet cabin and driving comfort in response to the needs of the drivers. The new Lexus can be truly considered one with the driver”

Lexus Group, Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., introduces The New All-Electric Lexus UX 300e for the first time in Thailand under the “LEXUS ELECTRIFIED” banner, officially unveiled by the Lexus headquarters in Japan at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show as a fundamental strategy for all Lexus electric vehicles around the world. The New All-Electric Lexus UX 300 features sharp exterior design while boasting its fine-tuned interior. With the passengers and drivers in mind, the model is completed with state-of-the-art functions and superior driving performance thanks to its GA-C (Global Architecture-Compact Platform) with low center of gravity and excellent stability allowing you to control the car as you wish. The model also comes with a perfect electric motor system producing 150 kW of power or 201 horsepower with aggressive acceleration, powerful performance and amazing environmentally-friendly driving experience. The car has the maximum driving range of 360* km. on a single charge.

*Maximum driving range of 360 km. on a single charge (according to NEDC)

*0-80% Quick DC Charger within 50 minutes for direct changing with 50 kW (125A) on DC unit

The New All-Electric Lexus UX 300e...The first-ever electric vehicle under “LEXUS ELECTRIFIED” banner

The compact crossover has been developed under the “Creative Urban Explorer” concept that depicts strong, streamlined, agile and fun driving experience with designs that exhibit elegant and powerful revolution under the L-finesse philosophy with a goal to create an unprecedented attraction

I. Exterior...Strong, elegant and powerful 

- Spindle Grille…A signature of Lexus with a 3D design delivering a powerful driving experience in a crossover style

- Ultra-compact 3-eye Bi-Beam LED head lamps with Daytime Running Light…Designed to deliver iconic style of the Lexus brand

II. Interior...Maximum comfort

- Cabin...Designed with driver and passengers in mind to deliver comfort, convenience and safety

- Front seats...Featuring ‘SASHIKO’ seat stitching which is one of the traditional Japanese stitching techniques that gives the seats strong and aesthetic look

- TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Display…Indicating system status with driving information

- Wireless charger...Convenient and modern

III. Maximum driving performance

- The new GA-C platform (Global Architecture-Compact Platform)... A phenomenon of driving that features a strong platform, spot welding, low center of gravity, ease of control, powerful performance and agile experience 

IV. Electric driving system

- Electric motor… Wild acceleration and powerful performance producing 150 kW of power or 201 horsepower

Choose to own The New All- Electric Lexus UX 300e 

Exterior colors:

- Mercury Gray Mica

-       Platinum Silver Metallic

- Sonic Titanium

-       Black

- Graphite Black Glass Flake

-       Madder Red

- Sonic Quartz*

-       Amber Crystal Shine

- White Nova Glass Flake**

-       Heat Blue Contrast Layering

- Blazing Carnelian Contrast Layering   

-      Terrane Khaki Mica Metallic 

- Celestial Blue 


- Lexus UX 300e 3,490,000 baht

The New Lexus LS...the “First-Class” luxury sedan

        The New Lexus LS features an exquisite design with attention in details and world-renowned engineering quality as well as details defined by Takumi craftsmanship that ignites the luxury, aesthetics and pleasure in driving experience. In addition to the new suspensions that deliver better stability and balance while maintaining the feeling of softness in the Lexus style, the new model is filled with facilities and the latest-generation Lexus Safety System Plus that comes with BladeScan Adaptive High-beam System, a technology that allows precision control over the distribution of light.

I. Exterior...Sleek and luxury in all angles 

- Three-lenses LED headlights with L-shaped Daytime Running Light and welcoming light upon entry and exit...Inspired by the head lights of Lexus LC, the origin of Lexus sport sedan, with a signature identity and Lexus-styled details

- Sequential LED turn lights...Indicator lights will light up in sequence from the inside outwards  

- Black front grille...A symbol of ferocity unlike any other

- Newly-designed front air intake hood...Giving the feeling of ferocity to compliment the bumper and sporty headlights

- Tail lights with black detail...Sporty and luxury in every angle

II. Interior...Meticulous, detailed and cutting edge

- Front console and Piano Black dashboard…Prudent, luxury and filled with premium facilities

- 12.3-inch touchscreen display that supports Apple Car Play...A touchscreen display is moved closer to the users for easy navigation and access at fingertips

III. Maximum driving performance

- Unexpected performance…Seamlessly responding to every driving need while offering maximum comfort to passengers and driver under all conditions

- LS 500h with 3,456cc 359hp V6 hybrid engine

- LS 500 with 3,445cc 421hp V6 Turbo engine 

- LS 350 with 3,456cc 315hp V6 engine

IV. Technology of the future and premium Lexus Safety System Plus…world-class safety standard

- BladeScan Adaptive High-beam System (AHS)...The adaptive high-beam system comes with the BladeScan technology that delivers a more accurate distribution of headlights, enhancing driving visibility at nighttime and not interrupting fellow drivers on the road 

- Parking Support Brake System...To help prevent collisions during parking, at low speed of up to 15km/h, the sensor of the automatic brake support system will detect nearby objects while moving forward or reverse.

- Glare-reducing digital rear-view mirror...With wider view and better visibility clear of the backseat headrest for confidence during reverse parking

Select your new “first-class” Lexus LS

Exterior colors: 

- Gin Ei Luster New...A new paint technology with a  silver color and aluminum coating on the surface giving deep shadows and highlights resembling a reflection of moonlight on the water at nighttime

- Sonic Iridium New

- Sonic Quartz

- Sonic Titanium

- Manganese Luster  

- Black

- Graphite Black Glass Flake   

- Red Mica Crystal Shine  

- Sonic Agate  

- Deep Blue Mic 

Cabin colors:

LS350 Luxury 

- Black Open Pore (Ash Burl) 

- Hazel Open Pore (Walnut)

LS500h and LS500 Executive  

- Black with Laser Cut 

- Crimson & Black with Laser Cut 

LS500h Executive Pleat  

- Black with Kiriko (Cut Glass)

- Crimson & Black with Kiriko (Cut Glass)

4 models to choose from

- LS350 Luxury 11,550,000 baht

- LS500 Executive 13,110,000 baht

- LS500h Executive 14,530,000 baht

Executive Pleat 15,860,000 baht

The New Lexus IS...Top sport sedan

        Delivering a sense of power, the New Lexus IS, a new premium sport sedan, features a finely designed aerodynamics structure for better balance and driving experience under the Lexus Driving Signature principle. The structure allows outstanding driving performance; better acceleration, responsive control and quiet and comfortable driving experience in the Lexus style even on full acceleration. The design focuses on the sleek and cutting-edge look completed with facilities and state-of-the-art technology and a more affordable price.

I. Exterior...Modern and lively 

- Black chromium front and stylish

- LED headlights with L-shaped Daytime Running Light... Inspired by the head lights of Lexus LC, the origin of Lexus sport sedan, the lights are small but sleek and beautiful.

- L-shaped tail lights …Tail lights parallel along the body boasting outstanding style and stand out at night

- Black rear bumper with dual exhaust pipes...Giving a sporty and fierce look

- Rear-view mirror...Adjusted for wider space between the A-Pillar with LED technology like the tail lights for better aesthetic and visibility

- Side cladding...Designed to be thinner reflecting sharp and sleek line and helping to reduce overall weight while maintaining its strength. A panel under the side cladding is provided to reduce air friction that may cause shaking and enhance confidence in driving

- F-Sport 19-inch redesigned alloy wheels with black finish...Sporty and premium, the Premium edition with Multi Spoke and elegant, and Luxury 18-inch with silver finish...beautiful and outstanding

II. Interior...Meticulous and refined

- Leather seat covers...Sporty, bold and premium

- Front console and Piano Black dashboard…luxury and equipped with premium facilities

III. Maximum driving performance

- Suspensions...Developed to be lighter but stronger and more agile that comes with Swing Valve shock absorber for the Premium and Luxury variant that reduces vibration during driving while adding stability and smoothness. The Adaptive Variable Suspension…Ramping up the driving performance with an automatic adaptive suspension offering maximum of 650 degrees of change

- Hub-bolt wheels…A seamless structuring reduces weight but increases performance and confidence even at high speed 

- Pedal...Proving a more accurate response to the foot for fun experience and responsiveness

- Electric Parking Brake...Convenience in usage with button activation

IV. Technology of the future and premium Lexus Safety System Plus…world-class safety standard

- Pre-Collision System...The system will increase brake force and assist with automatic brake when detecting possible collision, pedestrian and bicycles (only available in Premium and F-Sport variants)

- Lane Tracing Assist...Keeping the car centered in the lane even when making a curve and reducing driving fatigue (only available in Premium and F-Sport variants)

- All-speed-range Adaptive Cruise Control...Reducing speed until standstill to keep pace with the car in front (only available in Premium and F-Sport variants) 

- Parking Support Brake System...To help prevent collisions during parking, at low speed of up to 15km/h, the sensor of the automatic brake support system will detect nearby objects while moving forward or reverse

- Panoramic View Monitor (PVM)...360-degree camera detecting people or nearby objects for safety and confidence (only available in Premium and F-Sport variants) 

- 8-inch display (in Luxury) and 10.3-inch display (in Premium and F-Sport) with a touchscreen system that supports Apple Car Play... A touchscreen display is moved closer to the users for easy navigation and access at fingertips

- Central control button with Frameless Touch Pad…Giving you an easy control like a smartphone with a touch pad to reduce fingerprints that comes with haptic vibrations that indicate when the cursor is moved

- Brake Hold…Comfortable and effortless brake especially in dense traffic

- Card Key…Easy-to-carry Lexus signature key

Select your luxury sport sedan, the New Lexus IS 

Exterior colors:

- White Nova Glass Flake*

- Heat Blue*

- Radiant Red*

- Red Mica Crystal Shine**

- Sonic Quartz**

- Sonic Titanium

- Sonic Chrome

- Sonic Iridium

- Graphite Black

- Celestrial Blue Glass Flake

* (Only available in F-Sport)

** (Only available in Premium and Luxury)

Interior color

- Black 

- Ochre New  (Only available in Premium and Luxury)

- Flare Red New  (Only available in F-Sport)

Door panel materials:

- Black Metallic (Only available in Luxury)

- Shimamoku (Only available in Premium)

- Satin Chrome (Only available in F-Sport)

3 models to choose from

- IS300h Luxury 2,690,000 baht

    Premium 3,550,000 baht

            F-Sport         3,890,000 baht

The First Step to Experience Amazing

Lexus KINTO One service – The collaboration between Lexus Group and Toyota Leasing Co., Ltd., which is the new online service for 3-year long term personal car rental that provides comprehensive coverage of a new car service with no down payment required. The customers can save their down payment to be used as a monthly service fee for over 1 year. In addition, customers can choose to own the car in the future at a special price when the contract expires, 

The latest Lexus KINTO Service with the first step towards an amazing experience offers an opportunity for customers who have never experienced Lexus before to try the special price with the limited period. Lexus KINTO One Experience, a full online service for a 1-year personal car rental, is provided as a new alternative to allow every customer to get their hands on these luxury vehicles in a simpler way. The service fee is fixed throughout the contract term with no down payment required and no concerns over other costs and future selling price. The package also includes maintenance service by Lexus Service Center and Lexus Service Corner throughout the car’s lifespan. Customers can also change to one of the following three models when the contract term expires; 

- New Lexus IS 300h ( Luxury) 39,990 baht per month

15% cheaper than normal hired purchase

- Lexus UX 250h (Grand Luxury) 39,990 baht per month

15% cheaper than normal hired purchase

- Lexus ES 300h (Grand Luxury) 49,990 baht per month

20% cheaper than normal hired purchase

Exclusively for Lexus customers!!! To exceedingly fulfil your superior lifestyles, we present exclusive offers to customers who purchase all Lexus cars from authorized Lexus dealership.

The Lexus owner is entitled to a membership of Lexus Club as well as a variety of Lexus Privileges through “Lexus Elite Club” Mobile Application which gives you several special offers along with unique opportunities to take part in special activities exclusively arranged for Lexus valued customers all year round.

Travel at ease with a 4-year unlimited mileage warranty for Lexus car and hybrid system, as well as a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty for the hybrid battery of every Lexus vehicle. Customers in Bangkok and vicinity can also enjoy car delivery service to facilitate your car checking service at Lexus dealership.

Besides, Lexus ensures you the ultimate satisfaction with our Lexus Service Corner available in 15 locations nationwide.

Experience the Lexus Models at the authorized Lexus Dealers nationwide

- Lexus Bangkok Co., Ltd. (Rama 9) Tel: +66 2716 8999

58 Rimklongsaensaeb Road, Bangkapi, Huay Khwang, Bangkok 10320 

- Lexus Auto City Co., Ltd. – Ramindra Headquarter (KM 2) Tel: +66 2521 1111

14/459 Moo 4 Ramintra Rd., Km.2 Anusaowaree, Bangkhan Bangkok 10220  

- Lexus Auto City Co., Ltd. – Sukhumvit Branch (Soi 18) Tel: +66 2260 8123

1/1 Soi Sukhumvit 18, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110  

Feel the complete confidence brought to you by authorized Lexus Service Corner available in 15 locations nationwide.

- Toyota Chiang Mai Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 5327 7888

62/1 Mahidol Rd., Suthep Sub-district, Muang District, Chiang Mai 50200

- Toyota Lanna Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 5340 8999

62 Chotana Rd., Chang Phueak Sub-district, Muang District, Chiang Mai 50300

- Toyota Nakornping Chiangmai Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 5399 9888

130/555 Moo 9, Chiangmai-Hod Rd., Mae Hia Sub-district, Muang District, 

Chiang Mai 50100

- Toyota Khonkaen Toyota's Dealer Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 4300 8888

548 Moo 12, Mittraphap Rd., Muang Kao Sub-district, Muang District, 

Khon Kaen 40000

- Toyota Kaennakorn Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 4333 3444

359/888 Moo 17, Mittraphap Rd., Nai Mueang Sub-district, Muang District, 

Khon Kaen 40000

- Toyota Amata Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 4324 0333

88/8 Moo 7, Maliwan Rd., Nai Muang Sub-district, Muang District, 

Khon Kaen 40000

- Toyota Deeyiem Co., Ltd. Tel +669 2474 9999

99 Chayangkul Rd., Kham Yai Sub-district, Muang District, Ubon Ratchathani 34000

- Toyota Khaoyai Co.,Ltd. Tel. +66 4431 1312

293 Mittraphap Rd., Pak Chong Sub-district, Pak Chong District, 

Nakhon Ratchasima 30130

- Toyota Thaiyen Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 4475 6333

699 Mittraphap Rd., Nai Muang Sub-district, Muang District, 

Nakhon Ratchasima 30000

- Toyota Interyont Cholburi (1999) Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 3879 8833

24/99 Moo 6, By Pass Rd., Ban Suan Sub-district, Muang District, 

Chon Buri 20000

- Toyota Charoenyont Chonburi Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 3825 5663 

102/34 Moo 1 Sukhumvit Rd., Na Chom Thian Sub-district, Sattahip District, 

Chon Buri 20250

- Toyota GND Chonburi Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 3871 9999

18/4 Moo 4 Bang Lamung Sub-district, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

- Toyota Suratthani Toyota's Dealer Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 7728 4900

68/45 Moo 2 Sriwichai Rd., Makham Tia Sub-district, Muang District, 

Surat Thani 84000

- Toyota Pearl Toyota's Dealer Co., Ltd. Tel. +66 7630 2222

61/11 Moo 2 Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 9 Rd., Ko Kaeo Sub-district, 

Muang District, Phuket 83200

- Phithan Phanich Co., Ltd. (Hadyai Branch) Tel. +66 7422 2222

456 Phetkasem Rd., Hat Yai Sub-district, Hat Yai District, Songkhla 90110

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