Toyota Presents “All New Corolla Altis” Make A New High

    Mr. Michinobu Sugata, President of Toyota Motor Thailand, alongside Mr. Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand, and Mr. Rungroj Khanchalee, Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand, presided over the Press Conference to launch the phenomenally popular passenger car among Thais - All New Corolla Altis ... "Make A New High" on 3 September 2019, at GMM Live House, 8th Floor, Central World.

    Toyota Motor Thailand has recently introduced the universally sought-after passenger car among Thais, "All New Corolla Altis". The car clearly demonstrates a sense of excitement through its remarkable design on the exterior which comes with bold design that expresses superior strength and solidity. On the other hand, the interior offers spacious cabin with the meticulous design that represents exceptional finesse, focuses immensely on the great functionality for both the driver and passengers and comes completely equipped with a wide range of essential functions for sheer comfort. On top of that, the All-New Corolla Altis is truly remarkable for the leading-edge driving performance made possible by Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) that brings to life the unique Fun-To-Drive experience. More importantly, Toyota Safety Sense, which is Toyota's renowned global safety standard, gives sheer mobility confidence to both the driver and passengers in all journeys. In addition, this is the first time for Corolla Altis to be equipped with latest hybrid system, 4th generation which will help increasing the efficiency and better acceleration performance as well as achieve the greatest fuel economy. Undoubtedly, all these excellent features make the All New Corolla Altis the ultimate automotive masterpiece that perfectly fulfils all customer needs, fitting the definition of a car that makes a new high.

    Mr. Michinobu Sugata said, The Corolla has carried the Toyota’s heritage for over 50 years. From the first generation until the latest one, it has always assured the original concept of Toyota passenger car with the unparalleled quality, durability and reliability. The 1st generation Corolla began production in Japan from 1966. It set a fire on the motorization in Japan, becoming the top-selling vehicle within three years, and quickly spread to all over the world with the volume exceeding 47 million units by now. It has been calculated that one Corolla is sold about every 15 seconds in worldwide market of over 150 countries, as the best-selling car for Toyota globally.

    In Thailand, The first Corolla was launched in 1966 in Thailand as well. Thanks to the overwhelming acceptance from Thai customers, for over the half century, Corolla has been able to maintain its popularity as Thai’s most trusted passenger car with the accumulated sales of over 800,000 units, literally walking side by side with Thai people. As Corolla established one of the most popular sedans in Thailand, customers’ expectations have been higher and higher. We are inspired to create the “Ever-Better Cars” to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted that the All-New Corolla Altis, the twelfth generation, is now available to the public, the car that will change people’s perception of traditional Corolla and create the new standard for the Small-High segment.

    In addition, the All-New Corolla Altis is equipped with the 4th generation hybrid, which provides the extraordinary fuel efficiency with more than 23 km per liter, coming up with three variants for your choice. We are pleased to inform that this is the first full-hybrid EV in this class for Thai market.  I am also excited to add the new sporty grade, “Corolla Altis GR-Sport”, developed under the “Gazoo Racing Sport” concept. This GR sport variant will be equipped with special aero packages, enhancing the aerodynamics and giving the maximum driving excitement to our customers"

    Mr. Rungroj Khanchalee revealed, "In terms of product development, this time we continue our strict adherence to the unique core features of Toyota Corolla. The latest development is thoroughly made to contribute to the Fun-To-Drive experience while maintaining its key reputation as a car that comes with high quality and trustworthiness as well as great functionality. In this regard, the All-New Corolla Altis comes fully equipped with Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) which is the key driving factor of this phenomenal development, making a giant leap for the Ever-Better car.

    In this generation, the All New Corolla Altis is considerably developed to offer 5 important features:

1. Design – The appearance on the exterior is designed under the concept of “Shooting Robust”. It stands out with the sharp, sleek and solid sweeping lines. On the other hand, the interior design has been created under the concept of “Clean & Wide”. It offers a spacious cabin. Its design is considered to the ease of an actual use, fully equipped with many facilities that provides the enhanced enjoyment and convenience throughout the entire journey.

2. Driving Performance – Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) and new drivetrain system contribute to the car’s lower center of gravity which increases the stability control when driving the car either in a straight line or on curves. On top of that, the All-New Corolla also features a refined MacPherson Strut Front Suspension system that helps enhance the car’s smoothness and handling efficiency, while the Double Wishbone Rear Suspension substantially boosts the car’s stability and ensures smooth rides. The generous application of sound and shock absorbing and insulating materials in different positions helps minimize the penetration of unpleasant noise into the cabin, making it possible for the driver and passengers to enjoy smooth and relaxed rides.

3. Fourth Generation Hybrid Synergy Drive – This is the first time for Corolla Altis as well as the very first time in C-Segment to be equipped with Full Hybrid System. The Fourth Generation Hybrid Synergy Drive offers the greatest fuel economy while exclusively demonstrating Fun-To-Drive experience as well as engaging and responsive acceleration.   
    Apart from the hybrid engine, the All-New Corolla Altis comes with a selection of 1.8 L gasoline engine and 1.6 L gasoline engine in order to respond to the needs of all customer targets. The 1.8 L engine is fine-tuned to give better acceleration performance, while the 1.6 L engine is designed to be perfectly suitable for daily driving.

4. Toyota Safety Sense

1. Active Safety System the All-New Corolla Altis is additionally equipped with Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, along with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Hill Start Assist Control (HAC), all of which are the standard options for all variants.   

2. Passive Safety System The car has a reinforced front structure to absorb shock when it is involved in a head-on collision. It also comes with structural body rings to prevent dents in the event of a collision. There are also 7 SRS airbags installed in the car as the standard options to enhance protection for all passengers.   

3. The latest Toyota Safety Sense This one-of-a-kind safety standard consists of Full-Speed Range Dynamic Cruise Control that is highly adaptive. It detects preceding vehicles and determines their speed, then adjusts the car’s speed to ensure that there is a safe distance between both cars when driving and stopping. In addition, Lane Tracing Assist is a new advanced driving support system. When it is active, the system assists the driver in steering control with gentle inputs to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane, even on curves. This is to reduce the burden on the driver.   

5. Connectivity System – The All New Corolla Altis offers absolute comfort through the addition of Apple CarPlay and T-Connect Telematics in order to keep the driver and passengers connected anytime and anywhere.  


    Mr. Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont said, “The All New Corolla Altis has been substantially upgraded when compared to the current model in terms of cutting-edge technology, maximum comfort, driving confidence and sophisticated appearance. Our main target customers are those working people who are in search of a car that comes with meticulous and luxury design as well as a complete suite of advanced technology and practical functions in order to replace the compact cars they are currently using. For product communication, we strategically plan to portray the All New Corolla Altis in a way that fully encapsulates the characteristics of the product itself and its prospective owners by using the slogan All New Corolla Altis, “Make A New High”.

    On top of that, in order to reemphasize the key characteristics of our target customers, we are deeply pleased to introduce our latest presenter - Mr. Nadech Kugimiya. He is the famous superstar that helps to vividly portray the sense of luxury and elegance of the All-New Corolla Altis. From now on, we will arrange the official product launch activities at Toyota dealers nationwide on 13 – 15 September 2019. Interested customers are warmly welcomed to experience and test drive the All New Corolla Altis as well as enjoying the exclusive activities brought to you by Toyota.

    Additionally, we prepare a myriad of special offers for our valued customers to grab a chance to own the All-New Toyota Altis more easily. They can enjoy either a special interest rate starting at 1.99% or a special rate of monthly installment payment starting at 8,500 THB. Also, for the first time ever, the All-New Corolla Altis offers an exclusive package that includes an extended standard warranty and free labor cost for scheduled car checking services. Moreover, to boost confidence in our hybrid product, we provide our valued customers with a hybrid car warranty package that provides extensive coverage for hybrid batteries and system as well as giving resale value guarantee at Toyota Sure, similar to what we have for C-HR and Camry Hybrid. We essentially set the sales target at 2,300 units per month. This is the ultimate choice of car that comes with New High Specs and affordable price.”

    Mr. Michinobu Sugata concluded, “As a result of my personal test-drives many times at various test courses, I have no doubt that this car is an absolute fun to drive with the superb acceleration, agility and handling. The steering is as responsive as I wish, while I feel the great comfort and quietness during the ride. I am sure that every variant, the 1.6L and 1.8L conventional engines and the hybrid EV, will exceed your anticipations. Please try all of them by yourselves, and you will feel the extraordinary dynamic performance.”

Choose to own the All-New Corolla Altis available in 6 variants and 7 shades

- White Pearl*                         - Phantom Brown

- Super White II                      - Attitude Black Mica

- Silver Metallic                       - Red Mica Metallic

One new shade

Celestite Gray

Selections of Hybrid Engine Variants:

- Hybrid High Automatic Transmission Price 1,099,000 THB***

- Hybrid Mid Automatic Transmission Price 989,000 THB***

- Hybrid Entry Automatic Transmission Price 939,000 THB***

(* White Pearl is a special shade available only in Hybrid variants and 1.8 L engine of GR-Sport, with extra charge of 10,000 THB incurred)

Selections of Gasoline Engine Variants:

- 1.8 GR-Sport** Automatic Transmission Price 999 ,000 THB***

(**Available in 3 shades only: White Pearl, Red Mica Metallic, Attitude Black Mica)

- 1.6G Automatic Transmission Price 869 ,000 THB***

- Limo Automatic Transmission Price 829,000 THB***

**** The price is inclusive of standard equipment and special accessories.

Exclusive offers for All-New Corolla Altis customers

Enjoy a special rate of monthly installment payment starting at 8,500 THB

Or a special interest rate of 1.99% for 48 months

Experience and test drive All-New Corolla Altis

At Toyota Dealers nationwide

From 13 September 2019 onwards

And at Toyota Driving Experience Park (Bangna KM 3)

Product Specifications: The All-New Corolla Altis

- The exterior comes with bold and vivid design

- LED Projector Headlights with automatic on and off light switch

- LED Daytime Running Lights

- LED Rear Lamps

- 17-Inch Alloy Wheels

- Smart Entry - the automatic door unlock system

- The interior provides superior comfort with state-of-the-art functions

- Head Up Display

- Push Start

- Optitron Meter with Multi Information Display 7”

- Touchscreen 8” support Apple CarPlay with Navigator applicable with T-CONNECT

- Automatic Air Conditioning System

- Nanoe Air Purifying System - It helps purify the air through the release of small water molecules around negative ions in order to deodorize unpleasant odors and destroy germs.

- Auto Folding Mirror

- Wireless Charger

- EC Mirror is the auto dimming rear view mirror

- Auto Brake Hold and Electric Parking Brake

- Rear Air Conditioning for rear-seat passengers

- Rear Sunshade at a rear windshield

- Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA)

- BODY RIGIDITY... With TNGA, the body rigidity is enhanced by the use of strong structure made of steel, combined with the increase of spot welding to reduce frame bending and promote a marked increase in terms of stability and traction control.

- LOWER CENTER OF GRAVITY... The All New Corolla Altis is designed to have a lower center of gravity for better balance, stability and handling when the car runs on curves.

- DOUBLE WISHBONE SUSPENSION... It helps support smoother rides while maintaining great traction control.

- GOOD HANDLING... The steering wheel is fine-tuned for better and more precise responsiveness to steering inputs, making it easier for the driver to control the car with complete confidence.

- EXCELLENT VISIBILITY... The design focuses heavily on the driver ergonomics, increasing visibility and eliminating blind spots.

- Specifications of the All New Corolla 2019

For GR SPORT Model

- Sport Leather Seats - Made of leather, the sporty designed front seats are in black with red trimming.

- Steering Switches – The switches on the steering wheel make it possible to control the audio functions and information display at fingertips.

- Optitron Meter with Multi Information Display 4.2”

- Push Start

- Back Guide Monitor

- Gear SUPER CVT-i 7 Speed with Sequential Shift

- Paddle Shift - This is for gear selection on the steering wheel

- Double Wishbone Suspension - It helps support smoother rides while maintaining great traction control.

- Body Rigidity - The body rigidity is enhanced by the use of strong structure made of steel, combined with the increase of spot welding to reduce frame bending and promote a marked increase in terms of stability and traction control.

- Fourth Generation Hybrid Synergy Drive

    The batteries are significantly developed for enhanced efficiency, durability and fuel economy.

For Hybrid Variants

- The 2ZR-FXE 1.8 L engine with electric motor and E-CVT transmission provide the most powerful drivetrain with the Fourth Generation Hybrid Synergy Drive

For GR SPORT Model

- The 2ZR-FBE 1.8 L engine and Automatic SUPER CVT-i 7 Speed with Sequential Shift contribute to the extremely powerful performance, enhanced acceleration, engaging experience and ultimate driving efficiency.

For 1.6G Model

- The 1ZR-FBE 1.6 L engine and Automatic SUPER CVT-i 7 Speed with Sequential Shift give you absolute confidence in the perfection of driving performance.

- Safety features

- Back Guide Monitor

- Rear Cross Traffic Alert

- Hill-start Assist Control

- Blind Spot Monitor

- Back Sonar

- Tire Pressure Monitoring System

- Traction Control System

- Vehicle Stability Control

- Anti-lock Brake System

- Electronic Brake-force Distribution

- Brake Assist

- 7 SRS Airbags

- Global Outstanding Assessment Body with Side Door Impact Beams