Toyota Delivers Leveraged Customer Experience Under “Mobility Company” Concept In The 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show “Toyota Drive Me Easy” Campaign Offers Customers A Chance to Win Exclusive Prizes from Toyota

Word Press Release (EN)
Word Press Release (EN)

        Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, presided over the press conference to officially open Toyota Booth in the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show. Toyota Motor Thailand showcases a diverse range of the latest models and delivers exceptional ‘New Buying Experience’ along with ‘New Usage Experience’ to customers. Special promotional offers as well as a chance to win prizes worth over 10,000,000 THB under the campaign “Toyota Drive Me Easy” are also offered exclusively to customers who reserve all Toyota models in the event or at official Toyota dealers nationwide during 24 March – 4 April 2021,  at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center Muang Thong Thani.

        Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited participates in the event to exhibit a wide range of the latest models under this year’s concept of “Mobility Company”, expressing Toyota’s continued delivery to happiness and safety of everyone under the company’s philosophy to create “Ever Better Cars”. This time, Toyota Booth offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy the exhibition in the New Normal style by securing customers’ safety and their peace of mind. On top of that, to demonstrate Toyota’s continued commitment to delivering happiness and joy to everyone, the booth offers customers the best deals, special promotional offers, and a great chance to win special prizes with a total value of 10,000,000 THB including gift vouchers worth up to 1,000,000 THB under this year’s special campaign “Toyota Drive Me Easy”. All of these privileges are exclusive to customers who reserve all Toyota models in the event or at official Toyota dealers nationwide. Visitors are also offered a great opportunity to have car ownership experiences through “New Buying Experience” and “New Usage Experience” leveraged by Toyota with an aim to provide customers with more exhilarating experiences. 

        In compliance with COVID-19 preventive and precautionary measures, Toyota continues to impose stringent screening practices, appropriate physical distancing, and regular cleaning routines in different areas, all of which are implemented to ensure customers’ safety and their peace of mind while enjoying an intimate exploration of cars showcased at Toyota Booth. 

Toyota Vehicles displayed in the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show


        Popular eco hatchback YARIS “PLAY” (Limited Edition) and eco sedan ATIV “PLAY” (Limited Edition)

        The eco YARIS hatchback and eco ATIV sedan in “PLAY” Limited Edition have been developed to fully complement different lifestyles of the young generation. The models not only feature completely new exterior and interior designs but also uniquely stand out with the glossy black front grille and newly designed brushed alloy wheels in the newest “Dark Mulberry” shade. The brand-new shade is also featured in the interior offering enhanced uniqueness to the cabin. Another outstanding feature in the interior is dual-tone, white and black leather seats decorated with the stitching in the “Dark Mulberry” color. Apart from the stunning exterior and interior designs, the models come equipped with a wide range of innovative technologies and functions for absolute comfort including the air conditioning system with a medical-grade PM 2.5 filter, High Solar Energy Absorption “Acoustic Glass” windshield, “Trunk Organizer” offering additional storage space, and “Panoramic View Monitor” providing a 360-degree and real-time view. The models are also equipped with the advanced technology which connects a driver with a vehicle via the “PLAY CONNECT Car Telematics” application developed to offer ultimate driving confidence and fun-to-drive experience to drivers with all kinds of lifestyles. 

- YARIS “PLAY” LIMITED EDITION: Prices of 2 Variants (VAT and air conditioner included)

- Sport Premium with Black Roof  CVT Price 716,000 THB*

- Sport CVT Price 634,000 THB*

* • The above prices are standard car prices inclusive of special accessories and VAT. 

  • Special accessories are distributed and installed by Thai Auto Conversion Co., Ltd.

  • For the special shades of Ice Pink Metallic and Platinum white Pearl, there is an extra charge of 7,000 THB.  

    (Except for YARIS PLAY in the Sport Premium with Black Roof variant available in the special shades which are included in the price) 

- ATIV “PLAY” LIMITED EDITION:  Prices of 2 Variants (VAT and air conditioner included)

- Sport Premium  CVT Price 699,000 THB**

- Sport CVT Price 624,000 THB**

** • The above prices are inclusive of VAT 

   • For the special shades of Ice Pink Metallic and Platinum white Pearl, there is an extra charge of 7,000 THB.  

Exclusively for customers who buy the YARIS or ATIV “PLAY” LIMITED EDITION, customers can choose to enjoy either a zero down payment or a special rate of installment payments starting from 5,450 THB/month. Customers can also enjoy driving with deferred monthly payments for up to 90 days under Toyota’s Deferred Payment program. 

“The New Hilux Revo…The Unbeatable” The New Hilux Revo features the newly designed exterior which genuinely reflects a sense of toughness in virtually all dimensions. The model comes equipped with the GD Super Power engine delivering a maximum output of 204 PS and a flat torque of 500 Nm at 1,600 – 2,800 rpm. Apart from the powerful engine which ensures enormous driving performance and superior fuel efficiency, the model brings a smooth driving experience which is beyond pickup truck enthusiasts’ expectation thanks to the innovative SuperFlex Suspension and the combined 3 sheets of shock absorbers made of High-Tensile Steel enable the ride to be as smooth as driving an SUV. Variable Flow Control (VFC) power steering which automatically adjusts steering wheel stiffness upon the speed of the car to ensure a more precise handling and driving confidence. The Variable Flow Control power steering system is also incorporated to automatically adjust steering wheel stiffness to match all vehicle speeds and this system provides an ultimate ride comfort and a great help with reducing driver fatigue, especially for a long-distance journey. The model ensures the greatest level of safety of both drivers and passengers in all journeys with the world-class Toyota Safety Sense. For a pleasurable ride, various in-car entertainment equipment are integrated including a touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and the innovative T-Connect system which provides flawless connection between the vehicle and driver as a standard feature in all variants. The New Hilux Revo is available in both 6-speed manual and automatic transmission variants. 

        “The New Hilux Revo Z-Edition Wild Body” is a lowered pickup truck featuring the newly designed exterior demonstrating “a strikingly appealing and eye-catching look” and the meticulous design enables pickup truck enthusiasts to stand out amongst others. With great versatility, the model perfectly serves all needs of vehicle usage of customers. 

The special “Razer Package” body kit is recommended especially to customers who desire to give their lowered pickup truck a unique, outstanding look with accessories including newly-designed wheel arches and 16-inch alloy wheels which enable the car to have a more masculine look. The genuine accessories are available at leading car decoration or accessory retailers. As for the lifted models, the other special “Modellista Black Prime” package is recommended to give the car a stronger sense of luxury alongside rigidity with genuine accessories for garnishing a front spoiler, a front grille, a set of fog lamps, and fender fares. 

Get ready to own the New Toyota Hilux Revo

Prices start at only 544,000 - 1,239,000 THB (VAT and Air Conditioner Included)

        “Toyota Fortuner…Wisdom of a Leader” The Fortuner, widely acclaimed as a world-class standard PPV, embodies the design theme of “Prestige & Cool” creating a modern, luxurious look to perfectly suit the personality of drivers who describe themselves as a leader. Apart from the stylish appearance, the Fortuner features an exceptional driving performance and a wide range of incorporated innovative functions including the VFC (Variable Flow Control) system which automatically adjusts the steering wheel to suit a speed range for better vehicle control and driver confidence. The additionally-installed Balance Shaft assists in minimizing engine noise and vibration in order for a serene in-vehicle experience. The Fortuner is specially designed to feature plenty of room inside the cabin to serve multiple purposes and offer optimized comfort. The T-Connect system is also embedded to ensure utmost confidence in all journeys. With capability of meeting all the needs of vehicle usage, the Fortuner is perfect for both city cruising and off-road driving. In this year’s event, Toyota Fortuner is available in 2 variants in 2 different designs: Base Model and Legender Model. 

Base Model The exterior of this model features a notably enlarged front grille and silver bumper strips providing a stronger sense of rigidity, luxury, and masculinity. The model also comes equipped with the advanced 2.4 GD Super Power engine offering greater fuel economy. Various innovative technologies are also incorporated in the model including Cruise Control and Sensors placed in 6 positions assuring drivers peace of mind while driving and offering smooth ride. The interior is also compatible with Apple Carplay allowing a driver to seamlessly connect with a variety of entertainment contents.  

“Legender Model” The model features not only a captivating design but also various innovative functions embedded in the interior. The Legender exterior embodies the aerodynamic design demonstrating the sharper lines for a sleek look on the exterior. The model also catches all eyes with a newly designed front grille, Light Guiding Headlights with Daytime Running Light, LED Sequential Turn Signals, and LED High Beam and LED Bi-Projector Low Beam. To fulfill the need of driving in any conditions, the model comes with the powerful 2.4-liter and 2.8-liter GD Super Power engine options as well as 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive Sigma 4 systems operated alongside A-TRC (Active Traction Control) and DAC (Downhill Assist Control). For great convenience in daily lives, the model features various facilitating equipment and systems including 360-Degree Camera, Wireless Charger, electronically powered Kick-Activated Back Door, and the world-class Toyota Safety Sense.

Get ready to own the New Toyota Fortuner

Base Model 

Prices start at only 1,349,000 - 1,524,000 THB

Legender Model

Prices start at only 1,564,000 - 1,839,000 THB  

Extended Promotion Period! From today – 4 April 2021, customers who buy any variants of the Toyota Fortuner Base Model and have the car delivered within 31 May 2021 get the Pride Package II accessory kit worth 46,000 THB for free! (This special offer is valid while stocks last.) Customers are also offered a 5-year or 150,000 km warranty package and free labor cost for standard maintenance check-up of up to 100,000 km.

        “All-New Corolla Cross…A New Journey” The latest Toyota’s SUV is by far the best-selling model as it stands out with the sleek and sophisticated appearance on the exterior and the spacious cabin with plenty of luggage space which is adjustable to perfectly serve all usage purposes and different lifestyles of today’s customers. Alongside the uniquely designed interior and exterior, the model features the renowned Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) with a low vehicle center of gravity contributing to a more engaging driving position alongside more precise and responsive handling for ultimate fun-to-drive experience. To serve all multiple purposes, the model also comes fully equipped with functions and equipment including Power Back Door with Kick-Activated Sensor, Panoramic View Monitor with 3D View, and the world-class Toyota Safety Sense ensuring the highest level of safety. The All-New Corolla Cross comes with a 1.8-liter gasoline-powered engine and a 1.8-liter engine powered by the latest hybrid generation offering both exceptional performance and fuel economy. 

        Realizing different journey purposes of individuals, two special editions of The All-New Corolla Cross are proudly presented at the point of purchase. 

• Adventure style The car features the more enchanting appearance on the exterior trimmed with a complete set of body kits, an additional versatile roof rack, and newly-designed allow wheels. The accessory package creates a stronger sense of readiness to venture everywhere. 

• Urban style The car features the enhanced modernity and elegance appearance on the exterior trimmed with complete set of body kits and rear tailgate trim. 

Get ready to own All-New Corolla Cross 

Gasoline Engine Model

Price 989,000* THB

Hybrid Engine Model 

Prices start at only 1,089,000 - 1,209,000* THB  

Exclusive Privileges! Customers who buy an All-New Corolla Cross from now until 4 April 2021 can choose to enjoy a special interest rate of 1.85% and free first-class insurance from Toyota Care OR a special interest rate of 1.29% and a 5-year or 150,000 km warranty package and free labor cost for standard maintenance check-up of up to 100,000 km.

*Remarks – Extra charge will apply for special shades of each variant.   

Explore The New Era of Experience with Toyota Car Ownership 

        Get ready to explore the brand-called “The New Era of Experience” with the ultimate goal to fulfill all customer lifestyles through a Digital Platform developed under the great collaboration between Toyota and partners to deliver the exceptional New Buying Experience and New Usage Experience with a wide range of innovative technologies and services which connect future mobility and meet all different lifestyles. 

  New Buying Experience: The advanced technologies have transformed the conventional ways of car purchase and created the exhilarating experience for customers with a variety of innovative services developed by Toyota.  

- Connect Locator is the service of real-time stock checking and car delivering tracking, which enables customers to precisely monitor their car delivery status. 

- Connected Auto Loan (CAL) is the new approach of auto loan credit approval that makes it easier for customers to own a Toyota car.

- Sabuy :D Service provides a groundbreaking leasing offer with not only a 20% lower rate of installments compared to normal leasing schemes, but also the car maintenance service package at Toyota Service Centers.

- KINTO is the innovative online car rental service on a long-term basis for individual customers. This service is a new alternative for customers who want to enjoy worry-free and temporary ownership not requiring a down payment.    

- First-class insurance package "Convini-Insure" provides 3-year coverage and the premium can be combined with the monthly installments.

- GFV (Guarantee Future Value) provides customers the worry-free feeling by guaranteeing resale prices of Toyota’s Hybrid variants.  

  New Usage Experience: The advanced technologies of future mobility provide drivers a seamless connection through T-Connect by TOYOTA mobile applications with 3 key features: 

1. Always located and protect: Offering drivers the utmost driving experience with peace of mind and ensuring the highest level of safety while driving with the following services: 

- Find My Car

- TheftTrack 


- Geo-fencing

2. Telematics CARE: Making car maintenance far simpler for Toyota customers to have a worry-free driving experience  

- Maintenance Reminder including online appointment 

- Vehicle Information

- Toyota Care PHYD (Pay How You Drive) is the innovative insurance scheme which allows customers to save more with great discounts which are based upon a customer driving behavior analysis. Good drivers who drive safely will enjoy discounts on renewal premiums. First, customers can enjoy a no claim bonus which offers a 20% discount on renewal premiums. On top of the no claim bonus, PHYD provides 25% additional discount which is calculated based on good driving behavior score.

3. Happiness Mobility: Enhancing sheer happiness in all journeys 

- Concierge Services available at all time to take care of you throughout the entire journey

Special offers for car trade-in presented by “Toyota Sure”

        For greater convenience of customers who wish to trade in their old car for a brand new one, Toyota Sure offers a car price estimation service at Toyota Booth for free! Customers can also enjoy special offers exclusively available in this event including:

- Free car price estimation service! and Big C gift vouchers worth 200 THB 

- A maximum of additional 10,000 THB valuation when making an old car trade-in for a new Toyota car.  

The special campaign of the year “Toyota Drive Me Easy”

Customers who reserve to buy any variant of Toyota cars in the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show get a chance to win gift vouchers worth up to 1,000,000 THB and other special prizes with a total value of 10,000,000 THB. 

Details of participation in the special campaign are as follows: 

The 1st Prize: Gift vouchers offering a great discount of up to 1,000,000 THB for the purchases of a new Toyota car and a car accessory package or service (3 prizes) 

The 2nd Prize: Gift vouchers offering a great discount of up to 300,000 THB for the purchases of a new Toyota car and a car accessory package or service (10 prizes) 

The 3rd Prize: Gift vouchers offering a great discount of up to 50,000 THB for the purchases of a new Toyota car and a car accessory package or service (80 prizes) 

        A total of 93 prizes are given away to lucky customers and they are worth 10,000,000 THB in total. 

 *The special giveaways are only offered to customers who reserve any variant of Toyota cars from 1 March – 4 April 2021.   

*Terms and conditions as specified by the company 

* These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Customers can enjoy the real-time showcase of newly-launched Toyota cars in 

this event every day through FACEBOOK LIVE 


Experience a wide variety of Toyota cars, as well as enjoying several special offers

In the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show 

On 24 March – 4 April 2021

At International Exhibition and Convention Center, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani

“Toyota Mobility of Happiness”