Discover Extraordinary Lexus Automobiles In The 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show

Word Press Release (EN)
Word Press Release (EN)

        Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, presided over the opening of Lexus Booth organized under the theme of “The Privilege of Masterpiece” to illustrate the new image of Lexus automobiles which are developed and designed through 3 major aspects of development including Lexus Electrified, Lexus Driving Signature, and Craftsmanship. Lexus demonstrates a continued commitment to delivering ultimate experiences with outstanding customer care and services in accordance with a traditional Japanese way of hospitality (Omotenashi). Customers are invited to discover all new extraordinary Lexus luxury models displayed in the event and enjoy several special offers and Lexus ownership privileges. Moreover, in compliance with COVID-19 preventive and precautionary measures, Toyota continues to impose stringent screening practices, appropriate physical distancing, and regular cleaning routines in different areas, all of which are implemented to ensure customers’ safety and their peace of mind while enjoying car showcases in the New Normal style. The 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show is organized during 24 March – 4 April 2020, at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center Muang Thong Thani.

Experience the amazing Lexus automobiles which have been developed and designed under the concept of “The Privilege of Masterpiece” through Lexus’s automotive development comprising 3 major aspects:  

1. ELECTRIFIED, the introduction of 100% electric vehicles as an alternative energy

2. CRAFTSMANSHIP, the presentation of more delicate craftsmanship in the creation of Lexus vehicles

3. LEXUS DRIVING SIGNATURE, the emphasis on the unique driving as the signature of Lexus 

        All these attempts have been made to substantially reflect Lexus’s DNA which focuses particularly on the leading-edge Lexus driving experience of both drivers and passengers, the quietness in the cabin and smooth ride. The proactive automotive development enables Lexus to be capable of perfectly fulfilling the drivers’ needs and it is without a doubt that Lexus cars can connect perfectly with the drivers. 

Car Highlights Showcased in the Event 


The first electric vehicle line-up under “LEXUS ELECTRIFIED” brand         

        The New All-Electric Lexus UX 300e is a 100% electric vehicle or PURE-EV. As no engine is embedded, this electric car requires no gasoline and emits zero carbon dioxide. Apart from the truly eco-friendly feature, the UX 300e comes with the reengineered GA-C chassis which provides high structural rigidity through the use of revolutionary laser welding system as Lexus’s signature. The car’s body panels utilize aluminum, resulting in a lightweight vehicle with a low center of gravity and this brings enhanced stability and stable handling to a driver. The UX 300e is powered by an electric motor providing a maximum output of 150 kW or 201 hp. Combined with a Lithium-ion battery, the car achieves an ideal acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 7.5 seconds and the battery with a high capacity of 54 kW/h also enables the car to achieve a maximum running distance of 360km on a single charge. Since Lexus has a particular focus on both drivers and passengers, the UX 300e comes equipped with innovative functions for a pleasant driving experience without causing pollutions to the world thanks to its pure electric power train system which is friendly to the environment.  

        Customers can experience the state-of-the-art technologies of the New All-Electric Lexus UX with great convenience through the KINTO ONE service providing customers with 3-year long term personal car rental with comprehensive coverage of service fees which start at 65,960 THB per month and are fixed throughout the contract term. Customer can also choose to own the car in the future at a special price when the contract expires. Lexus invites all customers who are interested in experiencing advancement of the UX 300e to have a test drive at the BANGKOK INTETNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW. 

Choose to own the Lexus UX 300e and enjoy special offers and privileges including a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty for the hybrid battery together with a free Lexus Wall Charger installation service delivered to your place 

Price (VAT Included) 3,490,000 THB

The New Lexus IS 300h... Superior Luxury Sports Sedan

Experience “Lexus Driving Signature”

        The New Lexus IS 300h is a superior luxury sports sedan offering the brand-called Lexus Driving Signature experience with exceptional performance, excellent road grip, sharp response, enhanced handling, and more ideal acceleration. The IS 300h reflects Lexus’s strong commitment to go beyond limitations of a traditional way of driving. The IS 300h, therefore, has been engineered, designed, and tested for perfection on road conditions at the Shimoyama race track in Japan, of which the construction is inspired by the famed Nurburgring race track in Germany. The IS 300h gives powerful sensation and its refined chassis structure which embodies the outstanding aerodynamic design makes it an automotive masterpiece undoubtedly offering remarkably pleasurable driving experience and excitement to drivers. The exterior has been entirely redesigned with sharp lines and edgy design language demonstrating a wider and longer body. The enhanced size of wheels results in exceptional road grip and reemphasizes the signature of Lexus sports sedan. The IS 300h now comes with more affordable prices to allow customers to enjoy Lexus car ownership. Prices start at only 2.69 million THB and installment payments start at only 19,976 per month. 

Special offers exclusively for customers in this event: any customers who reserve a Lexus IS model will receive free first-class insurance together with a 0% interest rate. 

Get ready to own the Lexus IS

Prices of each variant (VAT Included)


Luxury 2,690,000 THB

Premium 3,370,000 THB

F-Sport 3,890,000 THB

THE NEW LEXUS LS… First-Class Flagship Luxury Sedan of Lexus

The New Definition of Perfection 

        The New Lexus LS is the company’s flagship luxury sedan perfectly illustrating the Craftsmanship philosophy which focuses on every single detail for meticulous automotive design alongside the world-class standard of production engineering. The LS perfectly encapsulates Lexus identity and the traditional Japanese way of design that genuinely goes beyond customers’ satisfaction. With the use of the new urethane foam technology on the car seats, it results in excellent vibration absorption and the “Adaptive Variable Suspension” is embedded in the LS to provide greater smoothness, more pleasant ride, and first-class aesthetics in all journeys thanks to its outstanding capability of detecting the road condition of up to 650 levels. The interior features delicate and meticulous design in every single detail in accordance with the Takumi Craftsmanship sophistication including the draped pleating of the door panels, paired with Kiriko glass trim inspired by the art of Edo period, and user-centric design philosophy as seen in the user-friendly 12.3-inch EMV DISPLAY (Electro Multi Vision). On the exterior, the model features the “New Slim 3-EYE” and the latest generation of world-class “Lexus Safety System Plus” combined with the latest “BladeScan Adaptive High-beam System” which intelligently ensures precision control over the distribution of light. 

Get ready to own the Lexus LS

Prices of each variant (VAT Included)

LS350 Luxury 11,550,000 THB

LS500 Executive 13,110,000 THB

LS500h Executive 14,530,000 THB

Executive Pleat 15,860,000 THB

The Lexus LM…A New Space for Luxury 

Ultimate Luxury Mover for Executive Lifestyle

        The Lexus LM is the luxury van which demonstrates meticulous and sophisticated design, in combination with a remarkable variety of innovations for sheer comfort. This luxury mover has been meticulously crafted under the concept of “Mobile Private Lounge”. The exterior features the noticeably large SPINDLE GRILLE while the interior of a 4-seater variant features a specially and perfectly designed cabin which provides the greatest level of comfort enabling passengers to feel as if they are first-class passengers on board. Passengers can also enjoy utmost privacy throughout their journey with the large privacy partitions coming together with a 26-inch screen and “Mark Levinson” Premium Surround Sound System for ultimate relaxation. Drivers and passengers can feel even more relaxed while seating with the use of cutting-edge “AdaptiPedic” low resilience urethane foam technology by “Woodbridge” for the first time in the world in all seats for exceptional vibration absorption. For an ultimately pleasant journey, the LM also comes with reclining massage seats with 7 different massage options to choose from together with an onboard refrigerator for drivers and passengers to enjoy their favorite drinks. Lexus also offers a 7-seater variant, another great alternative providing complete versatility and enabling your journey a truly special experience than ever before.   

        The Lexus LM 300h comes with a 2.5-liter hybrid engine providing exceptional acceleration, yet ensuring quietness and great fuel economy. The car also ensures drivers and passengers’ utmost safety with the “LEXUS SAFETY SYSTEM PLUS”. The Lexus LM is undoubtedly the phenomenal “LUXURY VAN” meticulously designed to provide the greatest-ever comfort and to serve multi usage purposes whether for business or personal leisure. The Lexus LM flawlessly presents the new definition a luxury van for leader-level drivers. 

Get ready to own the Lexus LM300h

Prices of each variant (VAT Included)

Lexus LM300h Executive 7-seater 5,500,000 THB

Lexus LM300h Executive 4-seater 6,500,000 THB

The First Step to Experience Amazing

        Customers are invited to gain a new experience of Lexus car ownership with the “Lexus KINTO One” service through the collaboration between Lexus Group and Toyota Leasing Co., Ltd., aiming to serve the current lifestyle of young-generation customers who seek for great convenience and Lexus car driving experience. Lexus KINTO One is the new online service for 3-year long term personal car rental which provides comprehensive coverage of a new car service with no down payment required. The customers can save their down payment for a monthly service fee for over a period of 1 year. In addition, customers can choose to own the car in the future at a special price when the contract expires,

        The latest Lexus KINTO Service as the first step towards an amazing experience offers an opportunity for customers who have never experienced Lexus vehicles before to have a test drive and enjoy the special price with the limited period. Lexus KINTO One Experience, a full online service for a 1-year personal car rental, is also provided as a new alternative to allow every customer to get their hands on these luxury vehicles in a simpler way. The service fee is fixed throughout the contract term with no down payment required and no concerns over other costs and future selling price. The package also includes maintenance service by Lexus Service Center and Lexus Service Corner throughout the car’s lifespan. Customers can also change to one of the following three models when the contract term expires;

- Lexus IS 300h   (Luxury) 39,990 THB/month 

15% less expensive than the normal leasing rate plus maintenance cost 

- Lexus UX 250h (Grand Luxury) 39,990 THB/month

15% less expensive than the normal leasing rate plus maintenance cost 

For more information at Lexus Booth or KINTO Call Center at 02-386-3888.

- Brand Gallery: Representing Lexus as hi-end lifestyle brand with ultimate luxury which is the unique brand personality of Lexus 

        Lexus Booth displays the story of Lexus, expressing the perfect linkage of the extravagant Lexus brand and people’s lifestyles. Lexus intends to share the brand’s background, showcase its cutting-edge technologies and communicate the genuine identity of Lexus in a broader sense to the booth visitors that Lexus offers people not only cars, but also other sensational perspectives. The decoration is strongly influenced by “Intersect by Lexus”, which is the origin of “Lexus Luxury Lifestyle Showcase” located in major cities, such as Tokyo, Dubai and New York. For Thailand, this unique concept has been adopted in the design of “The L Galleria by Lexus”.

        Moreover, to encourage people to experience the Lexus identity in different perspectives, Lexus Booth portrays a rich variety of impressive stories of Lexus through the lens of Thailand’s “Leica Brand Ambassadors”. Plus, the booth features a fascinating array of merchandises designed and produced by Japanese up-and-coming designers under the brand “Crafted for Lexus”. Each and every one of the products reiterate the core value of Lexus which focuses primarily on meticulous details and undisputed finesse in the production process.

        More importantly, to ensure utmost confidence in mobility, Lexus presents “Lexus Exclusive Package” for all customers who reserve any Lexus cars in the promotional campaign in this event. This package features an extended 5-year unlimited mileage warranty, 24-hour emergency assistance service, personal assistant service, complimentary service fee and parts during scheduled maintenance for 5 years. (Terms and conditions as specified by the company)

        Customers who reserve any Lexus cars in the promotional campaign can choose to enjoy the following offers: 



        Customers who reserve any Lexus cars in the following variants: LEXUS NX 300 / NX 300h / UX 250h and IS 250h in the event will receive free first-class insurance and enjoy a special 0% interest rate for 4 years together with LEXUS EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE (STANDARD
(Terms and conditions as specified by the company) 

Experience and choose to own Lexus masterpieces at the three authorized Lexus dealers;

- Lexus Bangkok Co., Ltd. (Rama 9) Tel: +66 2716 8999

- Lexus Auto City Co., Ltd. – Ramindra Headquarter (KM 2) Tel: +66 2521 1111

- Lexus Auto City Co., Ltd. – Sukhumvit Branch (Soi 18) Tel: +66 2260 8123

        For greater convenience of customers, Lexus offers the At Home car pick-up and delivery service to customers who reside in Bangkok and vicinity as well as other provinces, apart from the Lexus Service Corners which are available at 15 locations in 8 big provinces. Lexus will send out highly experienced and expert mechanics who have been well trained by Lexus to provide this new service for all customers throughout Thailand. 

Every Lexus vehicle purchased from an authorized Lexus dealer comes with a 4-year unlimited mileage warranty, along with a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty on hybrid battery. 

For more information, updates and marketing activities, please visit