Toyota Proudly Presents New Buying Experience With Exclusive Year-End Offers In the 37th Thailand International Motor Expo

Word Press Release (EN)
Word Press Release (EN)
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        Mr. Michinobu Sugata, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., honored his presence to preside over the press conference to introduce Toyota Booth with Toyota’s latest cars and several other varieties of its automotive masterpieces, as well as unveiling the New Buying Experience and New Usage Experiece, along with a wide range of exclusive offers at the 37th Thailand International Motor Expo 2020 hosted during 2 -13 December 2020, at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.  

        Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. participated in the 37th Thailand International Motor Expo. In light of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Toyota Motor Thailand is true to our commitment to staying side by side with the Thai people by proactively pursuing “Toyota Stay with You” in an effort to support all Thai people, while also contributing our part to stimulate the economy in the New Normal era by organizing “Ma-Ha-Gam-Kub-Kleun-Kwam-Suk-Drive Economy” in order to encourage everyone to take part in driving Thailand’s economic growth. To this end, we continue our journey to provide our valued customers with the best offers and sheer happiness through ever-better  New Buying Experience and New Usage Experience. Besides, customers will enjoy the extraordinary year-end deals, as well as a myriad of promotional activities that Toyota proudly presents in the event. Certainly, this is the best moment for everyone to own a Toyota car.    

Toyota Cars Exhibited in “The 37th Thailand International Motor Expo”

        “Toyota GR Yaris” – a stunning hot hatch and champion of world-class rally that has been deliberately developed based on the experience of Toyota's high-caliber motorsport team “Toyota Gazoo Racing” by incorporating extensive expertise and technology from Toyota’s title-winning experience in the World Rally Championship to create an entirely new generation of cars that deliver such remarkble performance equivalent to the WRC racing cars. GR Yaris has been adjusted to provide driving performance and fast response which is a combination of solid structure and light weight. It is driven by the G16E-GTS 3-cylinder in-line, 1.6-liter turbocharged DOHC 12-valve engine, the latest powertrain and is considered to be a high-power 3-cylinder engine with a horsepower of 261 hp (PS) and 360 Nm of torque, paired with a 6-speed iMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission) and can reach a speed of up to 230 km/h. All the power from the engine is transmitted through the latest 4-wheel drive system (GR-FOUR sports 4WD system), drivers can choose between three modes of operation to suit with the road conditions and driving style that distinguish the torque between the front and rear wheels: Normal (60/40), Sport (30/70) and Track (50/50) to help stabilize and secure grip in all road conditions even when cornering at high speeds, also providing excellent driving performance with technology from race track to the road. The creation of GR Yaris reemphasizes Toyota’s determination to create “Ever-Better Cars”, while still offering extreme fun in all forms of driving.

Exclusively for sports car lovers in Thailand 

The price will not exceed 2.7 million THB. 

For more information or registration to reserve GR Yaris, please visit 

Enjoy special offer to own Toyota Yaris an ATIV

Toyota Yaris: Price starts from 549,000 – 679,000 THB

Toyota ATIV: Price starts from 549,000 – 679,000 THB

      “Toyota Innova” – the latest luxury MPV that has been significantly refined with the exterior being completely redesigned to be more stylish, modern and eye-catching. On the other hand, the interior has been meticulously crafted to offer spacious cabin, great comfort and convenience, combined with full functions and equipment, 9-inch touchscreen stereo player compatible with Apple CarPlay. Besides, the vehicle comes with ultimate safety functions, Panoramic View Monitor, and front/rear parking sensors, coupled with superb driving performance. All thes features ensure value for money in all aspects for ever-better lives.  

Choose to own the New Toyota Innova available in 3 variants and 3 shades 

Price starts from only 1,199,000 - 1,429,000 THB

        “Hilux Revo Z Edition”  - a genuine pickup truck with handsome and eye-catching racing look that has been significantly improved based on our customers’ preference with the outstanding exterior design and a remarkably wider body, excellent driving performance and fuel economy at lower price, starting from only 619,000 baht. The automatic transmission is available from the entry grade which aims to cover a wide range of applications. The vehicle is equipped with a full list of comfort functions, including stereo player compatible with Apple CarPlay to offer seamless connection with various entertainment contents, High-Resolution TFT Display Screen, Fully Adjustible Power Steering Wheel with multi-function controls and driving mode selction switches for drivers to choose between Eco Mode and Power Mode. Hilux Revo Z Edition also comes with the new 2nd generation 2.4 GD Super Power engine that gives a maximum power of 150 horsepower, maximum torque of 343 Nm, giving a high output of torque at a wide range of RPM and resulting in greater fuel economy. Drivers can also enjoy the absolute sense of safety and peace of mind in all journeys provided by complete safety system and T-Connect. Toyota also introduces Razer package for those who desire to add a sportier look and feel to their car.    

Choose to own Toyota Hilux Revo Z Edition 

Price starts from only 619,000 - 803,000 THB

        “New Toyota Fortuner ...Wisdom of a Leader” – the latest PPV that remarkably reflects the leadership character of the drivers. Placing emphasis on a sense of luxury and modernity, the new Toyota Fortuner is a perfect option for customers of all generations who enjoy leisure travels and want to make use of the car for commuting in daily lives as well. This time, the company presents an exclusive campaign for those who are interested in Toyota Fortuner so as to offer them special body kit that adds the Premium Sport look and feel to the vehicle by Pride Package, which including the black and white two-tone exterior with a black roof, white body and silver black body kit.  

Pride Package body kit for Toyota Fortuner only in the 2.4V, white pearl variant consists of the following: 

1) Black roof sticker 

2) Front bumper decoration with gloss black Fortuner emblem

3) Silver-black side mirrors

4) Silver coloured rear bumper decoration

5) Silver-black side moulding

Choose to own Toyota Fortuner today

And grab a chance to buy Pride Package body kit at a reduced price of 20,000 THB (from a normal price of 60,150 THB) 

Offer is valid today – 31 December 2020 (Limited availability)  

The New Era of Experience Brought to You by Toyota Booth  

Toyota invites everyone to explore The New Era of Experience which has been created to fulfil people’s lifestyles through the digital platform developed under a strong collaboration among Toyota’s partners. The effort has been made in a bid to deliver New Buying Experience and New Usage Experience whereby customers will enjoy a wide variety of technologies and services that connect people to the Future of Mobility and ultimately fulfil all kinds of lifestyles.   


“KINTO” – New form of freedom for car usage presented by Toyota

KINTO offers the new experience of car usage presented by Toyota and Toyota Leasing. With the online service, long-term car rental customers can now own a new car conveniently with a wide selection of Toyota models they can choose from through KINTO ONE service “Smart way for mobility that requires no down payment. Buy it whenever you wish to.” This comprises 3 services as follows: 

1. Full Service – to achieve absolute convenience in all journeys Cover all costs with standard service provided by Toyota  

- Maintenance, change equipment and all supplies are free

- First-class auto insurance provided by Toyota Care 

- 24-Hour emergency assistance 

- Replacement of vehicle during the repair period 

- Annual auto taxes 

2. One Price – to achive value for money Customers enjoy value for money as the service charge remains unchanged throughout the entire contract period.   

- No down payment required  

- No credit bureau status checking 

- No worry about resale price  

- New offer! Upon completion of contract, customers can either choose to buy the car with relatively similar rate of installment (Choose to pay 2-3 years depending on the model), or choose the new one (KINTO ONE)

3. Online Service – to offer freedom of service usage Customers can enjoy convenient and fast car rental service offerings through the online platform from start to finish. Simply register at and use the service through KINTO mobile application. Customers can check the application status within just 1 hour (on working days and during working hours).

        Besides, Toyota offers KINTO ONE Limited and KINTO ONE Experience as short-term car rental services in response to a wide variety of application needs. KINTO ONE Limited provides good-quality test-drive cars of C-HR and ATIV for individual customers to rent for 3 months or a year with a monthly fee starting from only 11,000 THB, whereas KINTO ONE Experience is the latest service that provides customers with a chance to enjoy driving C-HR in a new condition for a year with 18,990 per month, and only 30 C-HR cars are available for this service.   

        In addition, Toyota proudly presents another superb experience with the introduction of TOYOTA Wallet which is an e-Wallet that offers freedom of payment for a mobility society. This is the product of our firm collaboration that reflects the attempt to address Thai customers’ needs in response to the New Normal way of life, allowing customers to enjoy using this e-Wallet as a payment solution that seamlessly matches their needs in the current cashless society while also ensuring absolute convenience and security every time they make a payment. Customers who are interested in TOYOTA Wallet can simply download TOYOTA Wallet Application and use it in their purchase of products and services. Initially, TOYOTA Wallet can be used to pay for Toyota’s products at Toyota dealers in Bangkok and vicinity. TOYOTA Wallet is another initiative to create seamless connection that makes people’s lives easier, specifically for Toyota customers who will enjoy great convenience and considerable privileges (TOYOTA Wallet Application is available for download on Android devices during the introduction phase, and will be available for download on iOS soon)   

For more information and updates, please learn more at

Experience wonderful joy during the end of the year with “TOYOTA Last Minute Deals!”

> Striking Deal

- Grab a chance to win a free car, or Toyota helps to pay as much as 900,000 THB. Also get an opportunity to earn 100,000 THB more each week. 

- Enjoy 90-day driving for free prior to making installment payment in the following year.   

- The quicker you make a purchase, the more chance you get to win one of the 1,008 prizes, worth 18 million THB in total.  

> Fast Deal 

With complete documents, customers can own the car easily and quickly right at the Mortor Expo event. List of documents include house registration, identification card, and salary slip to receive initial approval.

Conditions and details can be found at

Special Offers for Car Trade-in Customers from “Toyota Sure”

        For greater convenience, Toyota Sure organizes a trade-in service which we invited customers to visit us to trade in an old car for a brand new one, or consult with us about car price estimation. Special offers include:

- Free car price estimation service and complimentary Big C gift voucher worth 200 THB 

- Customers who trade-in their car for a new Toyota car will get additional value of an old car of up to 10,000 THB 

Enjoy the New Buying Experience 

And join special activities in the 37th “Thailand International Motor Expo”

During 2 – 13 December 2020 

At IMPACT Muang Thong Thani

“Toyota Mobility of Happiness”