Toyota Introduced “KINTO ONE Limited ATIV Model” Short-term Online Auto-Leasing Service That Responds to Individual in Mobility Solutions

        Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited and Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Company Limited introduced another service of the “KINTO ONE Limited with quality test vehicles of Toyota ATIV” into its complete range online auto-leasing for individual. The services are available for a 3-month and a one-year subscription packages with the exclusive number of 50 vehicles to respond individual needs in mobility solutions under current circumstances. The service will start from March 30th 2020.  

    Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand said “To serve customers who are looking for a more private and safer mobility solution amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, we are delighted to offer another auto-leasing service of the “KINTO Limited with best quality test vehicles of Toyota ATIV” which are available for a 3-month and an one-year subscription packages and the exclusive number of 50 vehicles. The service is available for customers in Bangkok and metropolitan area and designed to alleviate their concerns over daily commuting at affordable prices compared to public transportation costs during the current situation. The Toyota ATIV vehicles that are used for the service is guaranteed by Toyota for its quality, a complete range of convenience accessories and broad range of safety features.

For those who are interested in the product and would like to see more information, please visit Through the channel, you are able to do an online application for the service and know the approval result within one hour. We offer fixed fee contract with the coverage of auto insurance. There is no need for down payment and it causes no concerns over distance limitation during the leasing period. Furthermore, with the exclusive fee at less than 12,000* Thai baht per month, you can receive the maintenance service at Toyota service centers.

*Monthly fee depends on contract duration in order to be eligible for an exclusive fee at less than 12,000 Thai baht per month.

Mr. Surasak Suthongwan concluded “Toyota have prioritized customers’ needs and are determined to deliver the best products and services for them in the pace of transforming into a mobility company. We are offering ever-better cars and ever-better services for ever-better life under our philosophy of customer first that could bring us to achieve the goal of our “Mobility of Happiness” in a sustainable manner.

KINTO ONE Limited ATIV Model

The new online auto-leasing service responds to the customers who are looking for short-term auto-leasing program for 3 months and 1-year auto-leasing program from Toyota that comes with convenience and fixed fee contract.
Meet the KINTO ONE Service with Lexus vehicles soon.

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