Toyota Enhances Striking Experience in New Normal Era Under “Mobility Company that Always Stays with You” Concept In the 41st Bangkok International Motor Show

Word Press Release (EN)
Word Press Release (EN)
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        Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited in collaboration with Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Company Limited introduces TOYOTA Wallet – a digital wallet that offers freedom of payment for a mobility society, providing the highest level of safety standards to ensure utmost convenience and security to fulfil Thai people’s New Normal lifestyles for the first time in Thailand on 2 November 2020. 

Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited and Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Company Limited launched TOYOTA Wallet – a digital wallet brought to you by Toyota for the first time in Thailand. This strong collaboration reflects the attempt to address Thai customers’ needs in response to the New Normal way of life, while significantly enhancing freedom of payment for a mobility society. TOYOTA Wallet is essentially the product of Toyota’s passionate commitment to the development of technological innovations through mobile application platform that allows customers to enjoy using this e-Wallet as a payment solution that seamlessly matches their needs in the current cashless society, while ensuring absolute convenience and security every time they make a payment. Customers can simply use TOYOTA Wallet anytime and anywhere in their purchase with both traditional stores and online merchants. This e-wallet can also be connected to credit cards and debit cards for cash top-up, and customers can now experience the payment through TOYOTA Wallet simply by holding an account with Siam Commercial Bank, as well as having the SCB Easy application installed in their mobile phones. 

Mr. Akihiro Fukutome, Group CEO of Toyota Financial Services Corporation stated, “On behalf of Toyota Financial Services in Japan, we have been developing comprehensive financial services and products for our customers’ needs while supporting automotive sales globally. I am deeply delighted to introduce TOYOTA Wallet in Thailand as the very first case outside Japan. TOYOTA Wallet will become your everyday mobile wallet to use at not only Toyota dealers but also local merchants. In this regard, we have developed the new platform in order to realize Toyota’s vision to evolve from an automotive company to a mobility company. I believe that TOYOTA Wallet will be a key part of this transition as a leading mobility service that provides simple payment solution for every transaction.

Soon, we will introduce additional functions in order to make TOYOYA Wallet go beyond merely a payment solution. In fact, we will be partnering with local service operators to offer several useful services to address your preference. Today marks an important milestone for Toyota. The ultimate goal for TOYOTA Wallet is to be the e-wallet that you can use anywhere and in any country across the world. I sincerely hope that all of you will enjoy the sheer freedom of convenient payment through TOYOTA Wallet, and please stay tuned to several developments that we will introduce to you in the future.”      

Mrs. Chuenkamol Boobphakam, President of Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Company Limited, further added, “On behalf of Toyota Leasing, we are profoundly proud to introduce TOYOTA Wallet which is a digital wallet that will bring you the new experience of payment solution that allows you to enjoy the financial service innovation in the digital age. Designed and developed in accordance with Toyota’s security standards (*PCI-DSSI 3.2.1), TOYOTA Wallet ensures that your payment experience is filled with comfort, convenience and security, responding to customers’ different needs and allowing them to enjoy freedom of payment when making transactions at traditional or online stores. Moreover, this e-wallet can connect with credit cards and debit cards. We will continue to improve TOYOTA Wallet to be an e-wallet that is used universally, not just in Thailand but also other countries around the world where Toyota Wallet is available.

Supported by Toyota network, business partners and financial institutions, TOYOTA Wallet addresses various needs, builds on the current business and reflects how we continue to offer new product innovations and privileges for customers. Toyota Leasing would like to take this opportunity to welcome new business partners as part of our TOYOTA Wallet network.”

* Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 3.2.1 is the latest version of global data security standard adopted by credit card and e-commerce service providers. It is controlled by Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

TOYOTA Wallet – a digital wallet that offers freedom of payment for a mobility society

Customers who are interested can download TOYOTA Wallet application only for Android operating system during the introduction period. For iOS, the application will be available for download soon. In addition, customers need to have an account with Siam Commercial Bank, as well as SCB Easy application.  When customers register to use the TOYOTA Wallet application for the first time, they are eligible to obtain a Starbucks coupon worth 100 THB, along with aftersales service discount of 100 THB when making a payment for services at participating Toyota Service Centers (conditions applied). In 2020, TOYOTA Wallet can be used in Toyota Service Centers at Toyota Dealers in Bangkok and Metropolitan only. However, it is projected to expand to cover Toyota Dealers nationwide and various stores that are part of the company’s business partners in 2021.   

Mr. Michinobu Sugata, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, revealed, “Toyota is starting another new venture here in Thailand. Following our new T-Connect platform installed to new Hilux Revo, Fortuner, and Corolla Cross in the middle of this year, we are going to introduce TOYOTA Wallet, the newest platform for digital payment to match with NEW NORMAL. With TOYOTA Wallet, you will no longer have to carry your cash or credit cards. Simply install TOYOTA Wallet application to your mobile phones in making a payment for products and services with participating Toyota dealers in Bangkok and Metropolitan during the introduction period. Soon, we will expand TOYOTA Wallet to be used not only at the nationwide Toyota dealers but also to non-automotive merchants who are our business partners. 

        I sincerely appreciate Toyota Financial Service Corporation Japan, as well as Toyota Leasing Thailand for prioritizing Thailand in introducing TOYOTA Wallet as the first country outside Japan. I also would like to take this opportunity to encourage our beloved customers to join and experience Toyota’s Newest Global Digital Wallet.”

Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, added, “I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to Toyota Leasing on achieving in the development of TOYOTA Wallet that is making an official debut today. In accordance with Toyota Motor Thailand’s commitment to the vision to be a “Mobility Company”, we have introduced T-Connect which is a mobile application that provides new types of services, including the “New Buying Experience”, such as Connected Auto Loan or CAL that offer ease of vehicle ownership for customers, as well as KINTO which is a long-term online car rental program. In addition, it presents  “New Usage Experience”, for instance TheftTrack that provides our customers with optimized safety and peace of mind, along with First Class Insurance Toyota Care Pay How You Drive or PHYD which is a new type of car insurance that gives discount based on driving behaviors, as well as Telematics CARE that makes it easier and smarter for our customers to take care of their cars.  

Toyota Wallet will be another initiative to connect everyone and make lives easier, specifically for Toyota customers who will enjoy greater convenience and considerable privileges. Besides, in the future, we will expand our collaboration with other service partners in order to better fulfil customers’ lifestyles with services that go beyond just automotive-related ones. Our partners will join us to facilitate and offer privileges to customers so that they enjoy flexible services both domestically and internationally.”

Exclusive privileges for customers who register to use TOYOTA Wallet for the first time

Today – 31 December 2020

- Free Starbucks coupon worth 100 THB (Limited availability for only 1,000 persons and the coupon will be given through the email indicated in the registration form)

- Aftersales service discount of 100 THB when making more than 1,000 THB payment for services at participating Toyota Service Centers (conditions applied) 

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