Toyota Motor Thailand reaffirms its commitment toward vehicle electrification with the launch of its first battery electric vehicle

Word Press Release (EN)
Word Press Release (EN)

- The company launched the Lexus UX 300e, our first battery electric vehicle model in Thailand, to offer a wider range of electrified options to customers, and help enhance the public’s awareness and appreciation toward electrified vehicles.

- Toyota Motor Thailand is committed to support the creation of electrified vehicle demand at scale, toward achieving a greener society, country and world. This we believe will help advance the Thai automotive industry, and further enhance the country’s status as a premier manufacturing base.

- In addition to the active market introduction of electrified vehicle models, the company has been working on various projects such as local assembly and scale up of hybrid electric vehicles and batteries, 3R (reuse, rebuild and recycle).

Today, with the launch of the Lexus UX 300e which is the company’s first commercially sold battery electric vehicle (BEV) model in the country, Toyota Motor Thailand (TMT) reaffirmed its decade long commitment toward vehicle electrification in Thailand.

As a Thai entity of the global Toyota, which has a full product lineup of electrified vehicles including hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), BEVs and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), TMT is determined to help create demand for electrified vehicles in scale, and support the spread of electrified vehicles. TMT believes that all of these electrified vehicles should co-exist based on the advantages and challenges of each powertrain. HEV is more fuel-efficient than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, without requiring any additional infrastructure and will be most suitable to create demand at scale. PHEV will offer enhanced fuel efficiency without range anxiety, while it can help create some demand for charging infrastructure. BEV produces no emissions during operation and are suitable for fleet and car-sharing for pre-determined routes or short range transport, and, of course, for the luxury segment.

As a leading mobility company, TMT’s launch of the Lexus UX 300e aims to attract early adopters in the luxury vehicle segment looking for a bespoke electrified solution. This commercial launch should help further enhance the public awareness and appreciation toward electrification. 

Since the introduction of Toyota’s first HEV model, the Camry hybrid, in 2009, TMT has been leading vehicle electrification in Thailand. The company currently offers five Toyota HEV models and seven Lexus HEV and BEV models, which is the largest number of electrified vehicle models available among automakers in Thailand.

TMT has also contributed to the development of the Thai automotive industry, with efforts such as HEV local production since 2009 and HEV battery local assembly since 2019. To date, TMT has produced around 96,000 of HEVs. Toyota in Thailand has also been carrying out battery 3R (reuse, rebuild and recycle) activities toward the entire electrified ecosystem, from cradle to the grave.

To help achieve mass electrification in Thailand, TMT is also working with a wide range of stakeholders including the government, academia, and public and private companies. TMT is supporting the government’s efforts to speed up electrification, by conducting research projects with notable universities and activities. Furthermore, TMT is supporting the identified local governments and stakeholders toward a low carbon demonstration project, through offering a wide range of the company’s electrified vehicles and services.

TMT appreciates the Thai government’s strong support toward mass electrification, and would like to continue to closely work with all interested stakeholders, so that the Thai consumers will have electrified technology options that meet their usage and economic needs. In the near future, TMT will aim to produce further electrified vehicles that covers an even wider range of the company’s model line-up to even better serve the market and our customers’ demand. With around 19,400 team members employed (at TMT, Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing, and Siam Toyota Manufacturing), Toyota in Thailand will keep making its efforts to enhance the positon of Thailand as a primary manufacturing and export base for Asia and beyond.